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Brightening Up Your Home With Lamps

by Jessica Amey

Getting the lighting right in your home can make such a huge difference to a space, you’re not restricted to the inside either as you can now choose from a wide range of lighting for your outside space. If you are renting your home or don’t want to have an electrician come in to change the inbuilt lighting then buying lamps is a great option to quickly and easily change the feel of a room. Lamps can also add to the decorative feel of a room, acting as a main focal point or statement piece.

Lampcommerce have a huge range of lamps to choose from, for all budgets, and all rooms in your house.

For your outdoor space they have simple lights such as the Ares Sam wall lamp right through to statement pieces like the Artemide Outdoor Tolomeo Paralume Floor Lamp.

If you want something colourful then there are plenty of options, these IOlux table lamps have built-in speakers so you can play your music via Bluetooth, they also change colour to the rhythm of the music. They work with a rechargeable battery and come with a remote so you can control the sound and light features. They also do a smaller version and a few other designs, definitely worth checking out.

When it comes to your living room lighting, I think it’s important to have the option for it to be as dim as possible because when you are watching a movie you don’t want any bright lights distracting you. As I crochet I find having a spotlight really helpful too as although I like sitting in a low lighted room it can make it hard to see what I’m working on. I really like the Flos Superloon Floor Lamp, it’s not to bright but you can adjust where the light shines. I also like the Louis Poulsen Cirque hanging lamps.

When it comes to the bedroom it’s nice to have a couple of spotlights on either side of the bed so that you can read without having the entire room lit up. These Pablo Pixo wall lamps would be perfect and also have a USB point for charging phones.

When it comes to office lighting, I think the brighter the better as it helps me to be more productive. The Luceplan Bap Led table lamps would work well on a desk. And these colourful Foscarini Binic table lamps are super cute.

For the dining area I really like these Lumen Center Odile hanging lamps.

Lampcommerce allow you to search by room as well as searching by type of lamp so you can find all kinds of lamps such as wall and ceiling lamps, pendant lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, recessed lamps and cabled lighting systems as well as light bulbs and accessories. You can also search by designer and with about 62 to choose from there is lots of choice.

Thanks to Lampcommerce for collaborating with me on this post, do go and check out their website if you are looking for any lamps for your home.

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