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Planning A Road Trip To Ireland

by Jessica Amey

One of the places on our ‘to visit’ list is Ireland. Not only is it so close to us but I’m also a quarter Irish. My Grandma is from Limerick so I would love to go over and explore where she grew up. It looks so beautiful and since finding out that one of our favourite shows ‘Vikings’ was filmed there (in County Wicklow) we’ve been desperate to go over and travel around the country.

I think the way we would do it would be a road trip so we could see as much as possible, plus I absolutely love driving so if I could do it whilst looking at beautiful countryside then it would be even better. We’ve always been on quite a few road trips as we travel around the country to go to car shows, luckily this means the kids have always been happy to sit in the car on long journeys. As long as we have the music on then they are perfectly happy.

www.chill.ie have put together an eBook called ‘Hidden Drives’ which is full of driving routes which take you to hidden places of beauty, as recommend by the 600 Irish people they spoke to.

The Wicklow Mountains look amazing as does Connemara Lake, Co. Galway. Lough Hyne in West York looks gorgeous too.

There are three suggested routes in the eBook which all sound amazing but I like the sound of the Fanad Peninsula Scenic Drive in Co. Donegal the best. It’s 70 km long and goes past a beach, up a mountain and to Fanad Head where there is a lighthouse. It also says that cows and sheep can be found on the roads, we would love this as a family of animal lovers. I would love to stop and take photos of them.

The eBook also lists some of the scenes from movies that were filmed in Ireland including Game of Thrones and Braveheart. I have to admit that we’ve never got into Game of Thrones but I know so many people who love it and would no doubt love to visit some of the places it was filmed.

If you are planning a trip to Ireland then it’s definitely worth downloading, it’s a really useful eBook and I’m desperate to visit Ireland after reading it. You can download it here.

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