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Christmas Dinner

by Jessica Amey

One of the highlights of Christmas for me is the food, I love roast dinners and Christmas dinner is like an even better version, it’s all the extras that are my favourite like sausages wrapped in bacon.  I also love stuffing and Yorkshire puddings and you can’t beat crispy roast potatoes. Then there is all the extra eating you get to do all day. Chocolate truffles for breakfast, smoked salmon and kettle chips, dessert…

Mmm this is making me hungry.

I usually end up eating all day, it’s so nice to have a day where you just eat without worrying about how many calories you are consuming.


I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’ve never cooked Christmas dinner myself, either Mr C’s mum or dad has very kindly hosted it ever since we first started going out nearly 12 years ago. My cooking skills have really gone downhill over the last few years, not that they were ever great but before having kids I have more time to plan meals properly whereas now cooking is so low down on my priority list that I usually end up cooking pasta most nights. Or sausages.

The tricky thing with turkeys is that they have to be cooked right otherwise they end up all dry and horrible. I would definitely mess this up, Mr C always cooks roast chicken because the one time I did it was a disaster, although I’m still blaming the chicken itself, it just wouldn’t cook!

Award-winning butcher Donald Russell has put together this Interactive Christmas Turkey Guide which has lots of information on turkeys including different types, what size you need, how to cook and whether to stuff it or not. There is a video at the end too.

It’s actually really interesting, I had no idea there were so many different types of turkey!

Who cooks the dinner in your family?

Post in association with Donald Russell.

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