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DIY Kid’s Princess Bag

by Jessica Amey

This month’s craft pack from Bostik and Craft Merrily had some really fun items in it.

There was a bag we could decorate as well as some Bostik fabric glue. There was also some Fimo and lots of other fun things which we will be doing something with soon.

As Cherry is obsessed with Princesses at the moment we decided to use the fabric glue to stick material on in the shape of a Princess.


I cut a dress shape out of material then used pink felt for the face, arms and legs.

I glued it all on with the fabric glue which enables you to wash things afterwards, although I wouldn’t wash this because of the felt / hair etc. The glue does smell a bit like rotten fish when it’s wet but once it’s dried it goes away.


Then we plaited some yarn and stuck it on for the hair and used some tulle for a tutu, I also cut out little hearts and stuck them around the outside. Cherry then insisted we covered them in glitter.

Princess Bag DIY

Oh and I drew the face on which as you can see looks a little bit freaky, drawing is definitely not my strong point!!

Cherry loves it though which is the important thing!


We were kindly sent some of the items we used in this post.

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