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Do You Prefer The Plane Or Ferry?

by Jessica Amey

When I was younger I don’t remember being scared of flying but the older I get, the more it seems to petrify me.

In fact after our last holiday to Spain I said I was never going to fly again. It was awful, the entire flight home I was in a total panic and felt sure the plane was going to plummet out of the sky.

For that reason in future I will always be choosing the ferry over the plane.

You can’t go as far and I do have to take tablets for travel sickness but I enjoy my holiday so much more when I don’t spend the whole time dreading the flight home.

Mr C and I moved to Spain for a year before we had children and we drove as we took all our stuff with us, nowadays you can get the ferry to a number of places so we took a three day mini cruise crossing to Santander. The other thing that makes it better than the plane is that you aren’t just stuck in a seat breathing in recycled air. You can walk around and do things which makes the time go much quicker.

So for me the ferry wins, although I’m not sure you’d catch me getting one to America!!

The infographic below compares the two methods of transport.

Which would you choose?

Ferry to France vs Plane

This post is in association with Brittany Ferries.

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