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Rustic Interiors? Turning Back The Clock On Design

by Jessica Amey

There’s always a new trend on the horizon for the real estate and interior design market. We can buy into it or completely ignore it when it comes to doing our own home repairs and improvements, but that doesn’t mean those of us who lap any new customs up are in the wrong. Indeed, if you’re looking for some ideas on how to, ironically, bring your house into the 21st century, here’s a few ideas on how to decorate rustic but chic, and give your home a little more value on the market.

For the Living Room

The living room is the main areas of the house, and usually where you hang out as a family, or greet guests when they knock on the door. This means it’s often the main focus of a redecoration rehaul, so most of your creative energy should flow into here.

If you like the more minimalist side of things, you can keep your walls white and your floor the laminated wood that it’s always been without making the final effect suffer. Simply hang up some rustic accents on the walls, change the sofa cushions, and throw down a rug.

The pieces to look for are old fashioned clocks, metallic accents for the fireplace (if you have one) and the shelving, and a good coffee table to go in the middle. Of course, this is also wood, and clearly shows that off!

In the Bedroom

The bedroom being tucked away from the rest of the house means you can go all out in terms of redecorating. Something like that of pairing new colours together to make the room look more neutral, despite having a mix of media, means you’re going to have a relaxing space to fall asleep in, and leaves plenty of room for work.

Browns, whites, grays, blues, and reds, all in dark pale shades work the best to pair with furniture in the rustic style. Get yourself some drapes to go around the bed and a ceiling attachment for them, and voila! You might as well be a high class lady in a grand hall.

For the Dining Room

Do you love the idea of family dinners coming about when a farm family sat down altogether at the end of a long working day and enjoyed some of their crops? Well a lot of people seem to in 2017, and the idea of a rustic dining room has come back into fashion fast. Knotty pine on the floors, some flowery wallpaper, and low lighting has an attractive appeal to it, and still manages to look chic.

Grab yourself a 6 seater dining table and chairs at a good deal from any retailer, and then you can go to town on its design if you don’t think it’s up to scratch (or doesn’t have enough scratches to look authentic!).

The good thing about turning back the clock on the designs of today means we pick and choose the best parts of the past!

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