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Escape To The Wild, Sun and Sofas #LittleLoves

by Jessica Amey


Erm… I did read the Indian takeaway menu the other night if that counts?! 😉


We watched Kevin McCloud’s Escape to The Wild on catch up a couple of nights ago and WOW, what a fascinating watch. I would definitely recommend it. It was about a family of five who bought a patch on a desert island in the pacific, the guy had built an amazing house entirely from materials he found there and they only left the island occasionally to stock up on goods from a local market as it was a three hour round trip. I could absolutely never do it but it was so interesting to listen to their reasons and get a peek into their lives.

I’m still watching The Affair, I haven’t seen this week’s but I am starting to find it a little bit slow now. I don’t really like any of the characters which doesn’t help! I will keep on watching though as I’m interested in the ending.

I’ve also been watching America’s Next Top Model, one of my guilty pleasures.

Oh and of course my nightly four episodes of Mad Men, I had a fright last night when I thought it had been removed from Sky but luckily I found it in a different section. I really need to stop watching so much telly but it’s all I want to do in the evenings!


I haven’t been overly impressed with the weather so far this year, even on the sunny days there has still been a really cold wind, in fact on Wednesday we went out and I had to take my winter coat as I was freezing, then yesterday it was 26 degrees, so much for the build up!

Last weekend we went to a mini festival on the Saturday and to a local house and gardens on the Sunday and it was just about warm enough to wear some summer clothing.



Same old same. I have six CDs in my car player and they consist of four volumes of the Sons of Anarchy soundtracks, Royal Blood’s album and Paulo Nutini’s latest album. I really need to change them soon as they are getting pretty boring!


Over on my craft blog we have made a DIY board game


And these embroidered cork mats, perfect for preserving your kid’s art work.


And Lastly…

Yesterday we went to a little blogger meet up at the Sofa.Com store in Bath. I hadn’t heard of them before and was expecting it to be like your average sofa store but it wasn’t at all.

The entire store felt like someone’s living room and there was a kid’s corner with a telly and lots of toys. You can also enjoy a cold drink or cup of proper coffee whilst trying out all the sofas. The idea is that you spend a couple of hours in there really putting everything to the test and I know I could happily do that. You can mix and match the fabrics so you end up with a really individual look and you can also source your own fabric and they will do the rest, pretty amazing!

It’s located in The Corridor and has three floors so if you are in Bath then you should definitely take a look.


They have very cool wallpaper in their toilets too..


Oh and I’m off to Blogtacular tomorrow which is exciting!


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