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Fun Photo Art With The Epson ET-2500

by Jessica Amey

This photo art activity is really fun, for both kids and adults. We did it in two different ways, the kids drew things on paper and cut them out to stick on the photos and I cut things out of patterned paper and stuck them on. You can transform photos in all kinds of ways and add doodles in that you think should be in the photo.

You will need:

– A printer (we used the Epson ET-2500)
– Photo paper
– A glue stick
– Paper
– An old magazine
– Pens
To start with you choose some photos that you think will work well, we chose some from our day out last weekend, then print them off. Then you can let your kids have a look and see what they would like to add, for instance Cherry was pretending to fish with a wooden stick in hers so she drew some fish to add in. Tiger loves cars so he asked Cherry to draw him some for his, then they added a big sunshine to the photo too.
I cut some flower shapes out of floral patterned paper and stuck it on mine, then Cherry did another one with flowers.
It’s a great way for kids to get creative and the possibilities are endless, you could also try painting onto the photos or drawing on them with permanent markers. If you print off the photos in black and white then it’s fun to add lots of colour to them.
We printed off our photos using a really exciting printer that we were sent to review, it’s called the Epson ET-2500 and is different from most printers in that you can use it for 2 years before worrying about replacing the ink, amazing huh?! It’s one of Epson’s EcoTank printers and can be used wirelessly as well as through your iPhone meaning you can print off things even when you’re not at home. It will print up to 4,000 pages in black and 6,500 pages in colour and doesn’t use cartridges, instead you just pour the ink into the compartment on the side.
It looks really great too…
Epson ET-2500 REVIEW
Epson ET-2500
I managed to set up the printer easily and without any issues, it comes with a disc that talks you through the entire setup process from how to pour in the ink to how to connect to the Wi-Fi.
When printing off photos I did lots of experimenting with the settings and the quality of the photos is so good, to start with I forgot to choose the photographic paper option but when you do that it makes so much difference.
We use the printer a lot because we are homeschooling so this is going to make a huge difference to us.
The Epson ET-2500 is available to buy for £229.99 so it’s not a cheap option, more of an investment, but we were spending a fortune on cartridges for our old printer so this will definitely work out saving us money. The quality is of a much higher level too, our old one wouldn’t have printed off a photo of the same quality that this one does.
We are SO impressed with this printer, if you would like to know more about it then you can read about it here.
Thanks to Epson for sending us this printer to try out.

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