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George at Asda Kid’s Room Makeover Ideas

by Jessica Amey

Cherry and Tiger share a room and for the most part it works really well, Cherry will play in Tiger’s bed before they go to sleep and when they wake up in the morning. I’m sure there will come a time when they want their own space but for now they are happy so I don’t see any need to change things. The only problem is how messy it gets! With both of them playing in there and not tidying up after themselves it always looks like a bomb has gone off.

When I asked Cherry what her dream bedroom would be like she told me that she wanted a secret cupboard so she could lock herself in there to build Lego without anyone bashing into it. She is absolutely obsessed with Lego and I can only imagine how much she would love to build some kind of Lego city. Unfortunately that’s not really an option but I did ask her if she wanted to help me pick out some items from the George at Asda range for her hypothetical dream bedroom.

I love the George at Asda range, we visited the George Home earlier in the year and saw so many great things and at such reasonable prices too!

I’ve bought quite a few things from the kid’s range before, we have some curtains that we love and bedding too, in fact we actually own the knitted blanket we’ve included below!

kids-room-wishlist-george-asda1. Cherry loved this shark beanbag and chose it for Tiger as she thought he would like it.

2. These metal bed frames are fab, we all love bright colours. Yellow is Cherry’s favourite colour so this one caught her eye.

3. Tiger loved the teal bed, as do I. It also comes in grey.

4. The kids love dinosaurs and I love the bright colours on these curtains.

5. A flower shaped beanbag in Cherry’s favourite colour, she loved this.

6. Super cute seahorse rug.

7. We love this Russian doll rug too.

8. Brightly coloured knitted blanket.

9. You can’t go wrong with a white wardrobe.

10. Cherry thought this table would be good for building Lego, she even said it would make her feel better about not having her own lock in cupboard!

This is my entry into the George at Asda kid’s makeover challenge. Checkout the hashtag #GeorgeousRoomChallenge for more kid’s bedroom ideas!

Collaborative post.

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