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Giving at Christmas

by Jessica Amey

I think it’s so important to stop and think of others during the festive season, especially those in financial hardship. I’m going to make a donation to my local food bank later and as always I will be taking more stuff we don’t need to donation bins and charity shops.

giving at xmas

I think it’s also nice to think of the people we love and who are very special to us at Christmas, of course we should do it all year but it’s always nice to make that extra effort.

Buy a Gift launched their ‘Surprise Surprise’ campaign last month to give their customers the chance to give a gift to the special people in their lives.

Their customers had to nominate someone and give reasons why they deserved to win, then choose the type of gift they wanted to give to them. Hundreds of nominations were received and after much deliberation three winners were chosen.

Katie Witherington, from Poole nominated her Father-in-Law David Witherington, for all the hard work he does volunteering for the Red Cross.

Joel Collins from Romsey is five years old and was nominated by his Mother, Alison Collins. Joel was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes two years ago at the age of three, his diabetes remains unstable and he has an insulin pump attached to him 24 hours a day every day, and a continuous glucose monitor via a cannula, which is painful to insert and needs doing every three days.

Linzi Gunter was nominated by her best friend Sarah Webster from Saxilby, Lincoln, for going above and beyond for her as a friend. Sarah says, “Linzi’s life never runs smooth, she has been through difficult times herself but is always there for me and always puts others first, she has gone beyond the call of friendship for me when I needed her.”

It’s such a lovely campaign and if you would like to watch their reactions then you can in this video…

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