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Putting the ASAP54 Fashion App To The Test

by Jessica Amey

Have you heard of ASAP54 ? I hadn’t either until recently.

As a blogger I get a fair few emails from companies wanting to work with me, or I say ‘work’ when in actual fact a lot of the time they just want me to write something for them without offering anything in return. I’ve been blogging for over four years now and about a year ago I started calling it my job. With everything that goes into running my blogs I easily work more hours than I ever did when I was working in full-time employment so it’s always nice when you receive emails from companies who really understand that and have thought of a campaign that makes you feel valued as a blogger.

A couple of weeks ago I received one of those emails asking me if I would like to take part in a project with four other bloggers and an app called ASAP54.

You might have seen me mention it on my social media platforms over the last week or so but it’s basically an awesome app that lets you upload a photo and match it to fashion. You have a profile page and it’s similar to other social media in the way you can follow people / companies.

ASAP54 home page

You can also see on the right hand side of the photo above just how ASAP54 works. My photos mainly have a craft theme as that’s a big part of my life, I upload photos of my projects then choose a type of clothing and it will pull up lots of matching items then I can choose the five I like the best.

You can click on each item of clothing to find out more information and you also have the option to visit the seller’s website to buy the item. One of the great things about it is that way it is that no matter what your budget you will find fashion to match, from high street shops like H and M and Joules right through to designer brands.

After a week of testing out the app we were then sent a voucher to purchase similar items to the ones we had ‘ASAPed’.

I’ve added a little image of the ASAP54 that inspired my choice in the top right corner of all the photos below. I love leopard print but don’t think I would be brave enough to wear the trousers so went for this oversize shirt by Glamorous instead.

ASAP54 Leaopard print shirt

I think one of my most ASAPed items is faux fur coats, I’m obsessed with them! I carried on the leopard print theme and went with this one which is so warm, it’s like walking around with a duvet on you.

ASAP54 leopard print coat


My last pair of flat boots fell apart a couple of months ago and I’ve been wearing heeled ones since then which I like as they make me a bit taller but sometimes when I’m doing lots of walking they aren’t overly practical so I chose these biker boots which funnily enough are by Buffalo, I used to have some of their platform type shoes when I was 13, do you remember the ones?! I never thought I would own a pair of shoes made by them again but I love these.


I also chose this dress by Glamorous.

Then my last item is this blue wool coat which I love. It’s different to all my other coats and is perfect for days when it’s not so cold.

blue wool coat

It’s been so fun to find fashion that has been inspired by photos I’ve taken / things I’ve made and if you are looking for a fun fashion app then I would definitely recommend ASAP54.

I was sent a voucher to buy the items of clothing, all words and opinions are my own.

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