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X-Cut Die Cutting Machine Review

by Jessica Amey

A couple of months ago Docrafts sent me an X-Cut Die Cutting Machine to try out and I have to say that initially I had NO idea what to do with it but I was very excited about trying it out.

Craft products excite me more than anything else and I’m always looking for things to try as I’m still so new to the craft scene.

After getting Mr C to help me reading the instructions I worked out how to open it out and set it up. It’s really easy, you just lock the sides, flip the plastic bits over and you’re ready to roll.

The dial twists to move the roller up or down depending on what material you are using and whether you are embossing or die-cutting.

X-Cut Express Die-Cutting Machine

If you have no idea what a die cutting machine is or what embossing means (I didn’t to start with!) then die cutting is using metal shapes underneath a piece of paper and rolling through the machine which cuts out the shape. Embossing is using a folder to impress patterns on the paper.

This little snowflake die-cut came free with this month’s DoCrafts Creativity Magazine and you can see how it cuts out a snowflake from the paper in this photo.

Snowflake Die-Cut

There is an enormous range of X-Cut dies including ones like this that allow you to cut out boxes or envelopes which is such a great idea. If you are sending out party invitations then you can make them out of themed paper.

Die-Cut Envelope

Owl Die-Cut

You can also get nesting dies which means you get the same shape in lots of different sizes. I cut these flowers out of foam. I’ve also tried it with material and it cuts through perfectly.

Flower nesting dies

There are some feather dies that I have on my list next and there is also one that cuts in a double triangle so you just fold it and stick it over string to make bunting. I also want to get some alphabet die cuts.

The embossing side of things means you can press different shapes into card by rolling them through the machine in an embossing folder.

Candy Cane embossing folder

Feather Embossing Folder

When you have finished using the die cutting machine you just unlock the sides, flip the plastic sides over and it folds right up taking up very little room when not in use.


This post has only touched on what it can do so keep an eye out here and on my craft blog (Let’s Do Something Crafty) to see what we will be doing with it. The options are endless, I love it!

The X-Cut die cutting machine is available to buy here and if you would like to know more about how it works then DoCrafts have a YouTube channel with lots of helpful videos.

Do you have any experience with die cutting machines?

We were sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review.

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