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Heart Crafts For Valentine’s Day

by Jessica Amey

We’ve been doing lots of heart crafts lately.


Cherry loves hearts, as well as anything pink, especially if it’s glittery too so she has really enjoyed herself!

First of all we made stickers.

I cut heart shapes out of glittery foam that was sent to us by the One Stop Craft Shop.

Then we stuck some of these little foam pads on the back.

Cherry insisted on doing this part too, sometimes I try and do things for her but she managed it really well and is far more capable than I give her credit for!


Here is the finished result.


Cherry then stuck them on her kitchen.


Next was to stick decopatch paper on some wooden heart decorations. This was also sent to us by the One Stop Craft Shop so if you wanted to give it a go then you can find everything you need on their site as well as lots of other crafty supplies.


Cherry didn’t do this but she did decorate some canvasses with decopatch paper at the same time.


Then we made some heart bunting.

I glued some wool onto the back of the foam hearts.


Then we made some fairy wands.

I found some sticks in the garden and wrapped them in wool.


Then we stuck felt hearts on the top and glued sequins on them.

I used all purpose glue for this as PVA doesn’t hold felt together very well.

And here they are, Cherry insisted on making a tiny one for Noddy!


Disclaimer: Thank you to the One Stop Craft Shop for providing me with some of the craft supplies I used in this post.

And thank you to Bostik for providing me with the glue and sticky pads.

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