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Siblings {February}

by Jessica Amey

I can’t believe it’s time for February’s Siblings already!

siblings 2

I’ve just been looking at my photos from last month and I can already notice a difference in J. The last few days I’ve been looking at him and he’s really lost the ‘baby’ look and seems all toddler like all of a sudden.

I was supposed to be taking two different photos each week but I’m unable to do things before the last minute and of course had planned to take the second photo this weekend but J hasn’t been very well so I’ve had to just use the photos from the wall this month.

I’ve mentioned in some recent posts that the relationship between Cherry and J has been improving lately, she’s been so affectionate towards him and is always telling him how much she loves him ‘now’!

She even wanted me to order her some Slugs and Snails tights like his, so I did and they are both wearing them in the photos below.

It’s so sweet to see her being nice to him, long may it last!

siblings 3

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