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Home Design Inspiration With Homify

by Jessica Amey

I’m going to be sharing some things I love from a website called Homify today, if you haven’t heard of it then you can find out more here but it’s absolutely full of home designs ideas and I could spend hours on there! You can set up a profile on there and save products and ideas and well as finding someone to carry out work to your house in the professionals section. There is also the option to upload your own photos.

 They have all different types of rooms and styles listed down the side in the rooms section to help you find what you are looking for. The Scandinavian section is my favourite and there is no shortage of inspiration with over 10,000 images!

First up from the products section is this kid’s room, I LOVE the bed, mustard yellow is one of my favourite colours at the moment and I love the style of it, it’s a bit out of my price range at £2,350 but I can dream! That Doodle Box in the corner is fab too, Cherry would love something like that as she’s always drawing.

IO Bunk Pod and IO Doodle Box : Nursery/kid’s room by E-Side

Next up is this amazing bed, not only do I love the frame but the sheets are amazing too. 

Nursery/kid’s room by Apenkopje.nl
Then there is this kitchen, I’m in love with the floor tiles and the chairs.
Scandinavian style kitchen by Ekaterina Donde Design
At the end of each style section it also gives you a little explanation of what the style is, what characterises it and how you can bring it into your home. For instance the Scandinavian style section tells you about how as a culture, but in Denmark in particular, they obsessed by the notion of ‘Hygge’ which loosely translates into English as ‘the feeling of being and feeling cosy in your surroundings’. I love that and it’s something I always want in my home!
And I’ve just discovered a style that very much sounds like mine! I didn’t know it had a name as I just like to fill my house with random things that I like, some vintage and some incredibly modern. It’s known as ‘eclectic‘ though and in the description it says you don’t have to go by catalogues or showrooms you just go with what you like, something which I do already so it’s nice to know it has a name. I would struggle to stick with a style as I like too many different things!
Eclectic style kitchen by AIDAHO Inc.
As well as rooms and products you can also search the magazine section for ideabooks like this one on hallway colours. 
If you like looking inside people’s homes, want some ideas on how to decorate your own or want some unique products then you have to check it out, I can see myself becoming a little bit addicted!
In association with Homify.

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