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A Hot and Sunny Christmas

by Jessica Amey

Growing up in the UK means I’ve always associated Christmas with winter and being cold. We spent a few Christmas’ abroad when I was growing up but only ever in even colder destinations like Austria or the Alps where there was snow everywhere. It’s actually one of the things I like about Christmas, it makes it feel so cosy to be indoors with the lights on the tree twinkling when it’s freezing outside.

I’ve always wondered what it must be like to experience a hot and sunny Christmas though. Obviously for people living in Australia that is a reality as Christmas falls in the middle of their summer.

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Not only would it be nice to be able to pop down to the beach after opening presents but living somewhere hot also makes hosting Christmas a much more relaxed affair. I’ve never even contemplated hosting Christmas in the UK, firstly because our house is tiny and secondly because I can’t imagine the stress of having to cook for a large amount of people. I struggle making pasta for just us 😉

Here are a few reasons why a hot and sunny Christmas would make hosting a party easier…

You can utilise the outdoor space: Having a party outside is great as it means less traffic through the house and as a result less mess to clear up afterwards. You can pick up some practical outdoor furniture solutions from Australian furniture retailers like Super Amart to make sure you have enough seating for everyone. You can also use a bar fridge to make sure everyone can help themselves to cool drinks.

You can use plastic and paper: The thought of having to clean and wash up dozens of plates after Christmas dinner is definitely enough to put me off wanting to host a party but if you are eating outside then you can get away with using paper plates and plastic cups which can all just be thrown away afterwards. This means you have more time to enjoy the company of your guests which is what Christmas is all about. You could also use a white paper tablecloth and leave some crayons out to keep the kids entertained.

Outdoor Games: Here in the UK we are used to playing games such as Monopoly or Charades after Christmas dinner but being somewhere hot and sunny means you can get involved in some outdoor games like cricket or frisbee.

Informal Dining: Being outside means that dinner doesn’t have to be anything formal, a buffet could work well as people can help themselves or I even like the idea of a Christmas BBQ!

And even though you’re outside you can still put some festive decorations up and request for people to come wearing Christmas hats so it still feels like a special occasion.

Have you ever had a hot and sunny Christmas?

Would you like to experience one or do you like it being cold?

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