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Is Going Abroad Worth The Hassle?!

by Jessica Amey

I don’t know about you but I’m absolutely sick of Winter. This has been one of the wettest ones I remember and being stuck indoors with two kids for days on end isn’t much fun at all.

Last night Mr C said he needed a holiday to which my reply was ‘HA’!

I knew exactly the kind of holiday he was talking about, a relaxing one where you lie on the beach all day, go out drinking and eating until late then have a nice lie-in before repeating it all again. The kind of holiday that does not exist when you have two young children.

We ran through our options and thought about what it would be like but in reality it just wouldn’t be worth the money and effort to go abroad, not until next year when J is a bit older.

It is still nice to get away though so we are left with thinking through some UK holiday breaks that are ideal for families.


As I child I used to go to Butlin’s a lot. My gran and her sister (not sure what relation that is to me?!) used to take us as well as our second cousins and some of my greatest childhood memories are from there. You know what gran’s are like? They let you do anything you like so we would stay up late, eat beef hula hoops and go to bed clutching on to a dozen glow bands. In the day we would go swimming and play in the ball pits. It was so fun.

I’m not going to lie, going to Butlin’s isn’t something that I ever saw myself doing before having kids but it’s only once you’ve experienced a holiday that isn’t aimed at children you realise that keeping them entertained really is the best option for everyone.

So this year I think we will be holidaying in the UK.

I expect by the time we get to go on another relaxing holiday we will be so out of practice we will find it totally boring.

Or maybe not 😉

How do you find holidaying with kids?

Enjoyable or not worth the hassle?!


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