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Learning To Read And Write

by Jessica Amey

Cherry is going to be four in a couple of months but still isn’t showing any signs of being interested in learning to read and write.

She will occasionally ask me to show her how to write words but whenever we’ve sat her down and tried to teach her how to write her name she gets bored and starts messing around. It’s not something I’m worried about or want to push, Mr C and I are both more creative over academic and she is happy to sit down doing something crafty for hours so is probably going to be like us in that sense.

Obviously being able to read and write is important no matter what type of learner you are but I’m confident she will get there in her own time. She’s quite old for her year and she won’t be starting school until next September so there is plenty of time left before she has to start taking it too seriously.

I think if the idea of learning was made more fun she might be a bit more interested which is why I’m thinking about getting her a Leapfrog LeapReader for her birthday.

I hadn’t heard of them before but they recently contacted me with some videos of teachers speaking about why the LeapReader is great for children learning to read, especially if they are struggling a little bit and after discovering they have Doc Mcstuffin books I’m sold. In fact it was just last night Cherry told me she wanted a Doc McStuffin book, she’s obsessed, so if anything can get her interested in reading Doc McStuffin can.

She’s barely taken this outfit off since we bought it.


In this video the teacher is talking about how kids love the themed books, this is something I can completely understand as when Cherry has a favourite show, she loves anything to do with it which has both it’s advantages and disadvantages. Good for getting her to go straight to sleep like Doc does, not so good when every shop you go in sells Doc McStuffin EVERYTHING!!

At what age did your kids start to show an interest in reading and writing?

This is a sponsored post, all words are my own.

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