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Life’s Little Niggles

by Jessica Amey

I don’t know about you but there are lots of things that niggle me in everyday life.

Number one is people who drive right up close behind you to try and bully you into driving faster, it’s so dangerous and makes me mad.

Number two is people who let their dogs poo on the pavement and don’t clean it up afterwards. If you don’t want to clean up dog poo then either take your dog into the countryside for walks, let it poo in your garden or DON’T GET A DOG!!!

Number three is when people who don’t know how to use the self-service check-outs opt to use them. They are supposed to be quick but when someone stands there having to keep calling the lady over 500 times it holds everyone up. Maybe they should start giving lessons?!

I could actually carry this list on forever because quite a lot of things annoy me, especially at a certain time of the month but I will stop there and introduce a little video Triumph have made about life’s little niggles.

I can totally relate to most of these, I love the one where the man hands his wife his keys and wallet despite her holding the baby and a huge bag, Mr C does this ALL the time!!

And of course the very female niggle of the uncomfortable bra. This is actually something that should have been on my list because I can’t tolerate uncomfortable bras, in fact I don’t wear them at all at the moment, luckily my boobs are tiny (even more so after breastfeeding two kids!) so I can get away with a cropped top type thing.

I am actually going to go and try out one of these new Triumph Magic Wire bras because it would be nice to own a bra that offered a bit more ‘lift’ and it looks like they have solved the problem of doing this without causing any discomfort.

They have replaced the standard wire with silicone, such a simple but effective idea!

What is your number one niggle in life?

If you want to share it on Twitter then use the hashtag #nigglefix and Triumph will try and help come up with a solution to the most common niggles.

Post in association with Triumph.

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