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Outdoor Play After The Longest Winter Ever

by Jessica Amey

The last couple of weeks have seen us finally be able to open our back door and let the kids experience some outdoor play again.

It feels like we’ve had such a long winter (six months since we were last out there!) and even now at nearly the end of April it’s still freezing in the mornings but at least it’s warming up in the afternoons.

My two love outdoor play, I literally see them come alive and burst with creativity whilst they make up all kinds of games.

Some of their favourites include filling up a bowl with grass and daisies to make soup and getting on their tractors / bikes to travel to ‘pretend London’




Last week I let them sit on the floor together to eat their dinner, we do have a table out there but Tiger keeps chucking his plate on the floor at the moment so I thought that if I put it on the floor to start with it would help, and it did! Afterwards Cherry fed him his dessert, it might have been the hottest day of the year but we still had crumble for pudding!


As for Tiger, well he is in his element being outdoors with all his ride-along toys. He’s so obsessed with anything that has wheels and he spends hours out there riding them all. This red tractor is his current favourite and he actually slept with it in his bed for three nights he loves it that much. He likes to fill the trailer up with all his cars and drive them around.


One of the other great things about being able to go in the garden is the amount of iPad/ telly time we have in the day has dropped significantly. In the winter it’s such a long day to fill when you are stuck indoors but we don’t even think about watching it when the weather is nice, it’s one of the main reasons I hate living in the UK. My mood is instantly improved by nice weather and I found this winter really affected me, it feels like such a waste of life when there are places out there that have summer weather all year round. California here we come 😉

Anyway there is no point worrying about winter yet as it’s still on spring!

Have you all been enjoying the nice weather?

Thanks to House of Fraser for sending us the red tractor, they sell a whole range of outdoor toys which are perfect for outdoor play this summer.

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