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How To Keep Everyone Happy At A BBQ Party

by Jessica Amey

We are big BBQ fans and have had a couple already this year.

There is nothing better than chilling out in the garden on a sunny day with a nice cold drink and the smell of the BBQ wafting through the air.

Having a BBQ party is also a nice way of getting friends and family together and with the right planning you can make sure that everyone is kept happy from the adults to the children.

It’s easy enough to keep the adults happy, you just provide lots of nice drinks and wine.

When it comes to kids it’s a little bit harder but in my experience something that keeps them entertained should result in more time for the adults to sit and chat so here are some craft ideas from my other blog that are perfect for doing outdoors.

First up are these foam flowers, they are made out of sticks and if you cut out all the foam flower shapes before the party then you can just set up a little area for the kids to decorate them.


Next are these stick flags, you can set the kids up with a painting area and let them loose with a brush. Luckily being outdoors means it doesn’t matter about the mess.


And lastly there is this doll’s bed made from sticks, admittedly this is something the parents might have to help with but once set up it should keep the kids busy playing for a long time. I used a glue gun but you could also used string to tie the sticks together..


And lastly you could also make some of these DIY burger toppers to let people know which burgers are which.


Obviously if it’s a really hot day then setting up a paddling pool would be a great way to keep the kids happy.

What are your top tips when throwing a BBQ party?

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