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Choosing The Right Kind Of Blinds

by Jessica Amey

Choosing the right kind of blinds is quite an important decision as the effect they have on your house can vary a lot depending on the type / colour you choose.

Our house is really small so I don’t actually have any blinds up in some of the rooms. I take a lot of photos in my dining area and struggle with it not being light enough as it is so definitely don’t want to risk making it any darker!

Then there are the bedrooms which are the opposite and need blinds that are going to stop any light getting in at all. For the kids because now the clocks have changed it’s still light at their bedtime and for us because we have street lamps just outside our window. But although we need something that will keep the light out at night, I also want something that will let lots of light in during the day. Tricky huh?!

Then in bathrooms you need a blind that is going to be down all day but still let in a lot of light, especially if your window is at the front of the house and visible to passing people / traffic.

Thomas Sanderson offer bespoke blinds and shutters for the home / conservatory and have a solution to all your window needs.

These blinds would be great on a bathroom window as they still let lots of light in at the top but cover enough so no-one would see you getting out of the bath.


These kind of blinds would be the perfect solution to my dining area problem as when they are up you can’t even notice they are there.


They also sell shutters, both of these rooms would be the dream for Cherry and Tiger!! That car would have Tiger screaming with delight and Cherry is so obsessed with pink.



Then there are the Thomas Sanderson conservatory blinds which let in the spring light.

I’ve always wanted a conservatory, I love the idea of sitting in there doing some crochet. Especially on a rainy day.


And they also offer conservatory roof blinds which help provide shade on a sunny day.

I have to admit I didn’t know just how many types of blinds and shutters there were for windows!

Do you use blinds on your windows?

Post in association with Thomas Sanderson.

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