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Amazing! Educational Kids Magazine

by Jessica Amey

Amazing! is an educational kids magazine but you wouldn’t necessarily know it was educational at first glance because it’s brightly coloured and looks a bit like a comic. In other words it doesn’t look boring, something which you might expect from an ‘educational’ magazine, or is that just me?! 😉amazing! educational kids magazine

It’s a unisex magazine for ages 6-11 and is bursting with interesting facts, puzzles and things to do. It’s been specially designed for children of all academic abilities which is a really strong point for me as one of the reasons we are homeschooling is because we don’t like the idea of kids being expected to know or do something by a certain age.

Amazing! Magazine has thousands of school subscribers, and isn’t just used be teachers but also stocked in their libraries for students to read independently. It covers all areas of the curriculum such as English, maths, history, geography, science and art.

We were sent a copy to check out and I’ve actually learnt a fair few things myself. Did you know a lion’s roar can be heard from 5 miles away?!

amazing! educational kids magazine

amazing! educational kids magazine

Our issue has the theme of ‘Kings and Queens’ and covers King Richard III, a warrior queen who fought the Romans, royal bugs and how a genetic condition was lethal to many nobles. As well as an article about King Tutankhamun which you can see above.

I think it’s a great magazine, when I think of some of the rubbish magazines that I’ve bought the kids at service stations before. Cherry chose a Barbie one once and I couldn’t even bring myself to read her the stories they were so awful! I’ve loved reading through this with the kids though and I think it’s great that it appeals to girls and boys.

You can find Amazing! Magazine in certain branches of Tesco, Asda, WHSmith or Sainsbury’s but subscribing is a great way to make sure you never miss a copy. You can find out how to subscribe here.

Thanks to Amazing! Magazine for working with me on this post, you can read all about the magazine over on their website.

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