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Reasons to Visit Turkey

by Jessica Amey

Looking back to Halloween it’s crazy to think how warm it was because within a few days winter had definitely arrived.

I’m actually okay with this time of year, I love staying indoors and drinking hot chocolate with the excitement of Christmas coming up but once new year is out of the way my thoughts turn to summer and I start craving some sun.

It’s so easy these days to just fly off somewhere warm, there are a number of locations that offer out of season sun but don’t involve any long haul flights. Turkey is one of those places.

I’ve never actually been but here are some reasons why it makes a great family holiday destination:

The Beaches: If you want a tranquil experience then Kabak Bay in Olüdeniz is a great choice, you won’t find many watersports or plastic sun chairs there meaning you can just focus on the scenery. Then there is Iztuzu Beach in Daylan which has a marine reserve that you can explore with the kids. There is a beach experience to suit everyone’s needs, all you need to do is hop on a plane!

west bay beach

The Culture: Turkey has seen its fair share of inhabitants, from Byzantines to Romans and each have left their indelible mark on the people that make up the country today. Children can learn a lot from a trip there and the locals are really warm and friendly so you will always feel welcome.

The Food: Turkey has a diverse culinary scene and there is so much delicious food to try. There is the Adana Kebab which is basically a Turkish take on meatballs and for people with a sweet tooth (like me!) you’ll be happy to know that Turkey prides itself on dessert. There’s Keskul which is pudding cooked with crushed almonds, sugars, and spices. Then there’s Pismaniye which is Turkish Fairy Floss, frozen sugar roasted with butter. The result is a sticky but delicious treat.

The Activities: One day you could be combing your way through a wonderfully strange bazaar then the next you could be walking through some ancient ruins. Better still, how about overlooking the Turkish countryside from a naturally formed thermal pool? Or taking a cruise around the picturesque bays that make up the Turkish coast?

There is so much to do and see in Turkey which is why it’s the perfect place for a spring break.

Have you ever been?

Contributed to by Thomson.

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