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Siblings {August}

by Jessica Amey

Well I have kind of messed up a bit this month because I haven’t managed to take a photo of the kids in front of our wall (yet!). I am planning to do it  a bit later today as I want one for every month so will add it in later.

Cherry is actually still asleep as we went to a car show yesterday and left the house at 6am and didn’t get back until 1am!!

Which is why I am late posting this, I was just looking through my Facebook timeline when I saw someone else’s and thought ‘S*%T!!!!

So here some photos I took a few weeks ago that I wanted to use this month. When I started the project these were the photos I wanted, some of them walking along holding hands together so when I saw them doing it I got excited and ended up taking about 5000 photos!

After their less than perfect start seeing them holding hands all the way around these flower fields was so special. Cherry always takes his hand to help him walk and their bond keeps growing stronger and stronger. They’ve been really playing together, the sweetest games, she pretends they are going on holiday and gives him a bag to hold, he happily follows her around doing whatever she wants to do.

They really look out for each other and he knows the toys he’s not allowed to touch but sometimes Cherry will decide he can touch her special things which he gets very excited about. I’m so pleased we have reached a point where they have become such good friends. Long may it last!







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