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Sons Of Anarchy And Crochet Bunting #Littleloves

by Jessica Amey


I’ve been reading some of my craft books this week to get some project inspiration for Let’s Do Something Crafty, well I say read but it’s more just looking at the pictures!


Anyone who follows me on social media (or who knows me in real life) will know I’m a tiny bit obsessed with a show called Sons of Anarchy. My brother told me about it last Xmas as him and my dad were watching it and it was the box set we got into after Breaking Bad. Within a few episodes we were hooked and watched the first six seasons about 5/6 episodes at a time. The final ever season finished airing a few months ago but I just can’t accept it’s the end so I keep re-watching it. I can’t really put into words how much I love it, the guy who made it said that he wanted to make it a show that appealed to men and women in different ways and it really does that, there are great plotlines, motorbikes and violence as well as really strong female characters, a real connection between all the members of the club, a true love story and the main attraction JAX TELLER (plus he’s from Newcastle so I love him even more). he’s just so hot and if you haven’t seen it then you must!

Here is a little Jax Teller montage, if this doesn’t make you want to watch it them nothing will!!


I was ill all weekend so spent it in my pyjamas. I had to cancel loads of plans too which was a bit rubbish.


Well given this is the post where I talk about Sons of Anarchy I may as well go for it then not mention it ever again, or try not to anyway! One of the other things I love about Sons is the fact that the music is so good. They play entire songs in the show and they always fit really well and capture the emotion perfectly, there are four albums altogether and a lot of the songs are played by their in-house band who I love the sound of. I’ve been listening to them non-stop for over a year, it’s pretty much the only music the kids know! This is one of my favourites, I find it hard not to cry when I hear it!


Waitrose sent me a little Easter package this week as part of their #GoodEgg campaign. They are going to be making a donation to Great Ormand Street Hospital’s Charity and surprising people with Easter gifts. I made some sugar free spelt flour muffins which were really good, the kids loved them.

sugar-free-banana-spelt-cakes / sons of anarchy and crochet bunting

Last weekend I made a blackberry and apple crumble using a Deliciously Ella recipe for the crumble. I also made some custard using natural powder, almond milk and maple syrup which was so good. It was all so good and the kids loved it.

sugar-free-crumble - sons of anarchy and crochet bunting

I also finished the crochet bunting I’ve been working on for a while. Image links through to my other blog where I talk about how I did it.


And lastly…

I’ve made a little vlog about my favourite sugar free foods 🙂

So that was a little round up of my week, you can join in with this linky by clicking the pink image below 🙂


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