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Five Things I Can’t Live Without

by Jessica Amey

If I had to answer the ‘what five things would you take to a desert island’ question then I would really struggle because there are so many things I can’t live without.

First up would have to be moisturiser. I have been using it for so long that if I don’t apply it within a few seconds of getting out the bath then my skin feels so dry and itchy. I love body butters, the Body Shop collection is my favourite. I use Nivea cream on my face but feel like I should probably start using something a bit better now I’m getting on a bit. I do try others but always end up coming back to it as it’s the only thing that seems to work. I also can’t go out without lip balm, the cherry Carmex one is my favourite.


Secondly would be my iPhone. It is never far from me and I use it for so many reasons, other than actually speaking to people!

The camera on it is so useful and captures moments that my big one doesn’t as I don’t always have it to hand. Plus it’s great for taking selfies 😉


Thirdly would be my healthy eating supplies. I don’t eat refined sugars or much dairy / processed foods anymore so need my essentials so that I can still eat tasty sweet treats.

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Fourthly is my car. I’ve only been driving for about three years but it’s changed my life. The novelty still hasn’t worn off and I get excited when I know I have to drive somewhere, I love it!

And lastly would be my yarn collection and crochet hooks. It’s become my new favourite craft and I really look forward to chilling out on the sofa in the evening and doing some crochet.

I guess if it came down to going to a desert island the only one I would really need would be the moisturiser, although having my phone to take desert island selfies would be rather fun 😉

What five things couldn’t you live without?!

The Source at British Gas went around asking people that very question and made a little video of their answers. Everyone was quite surprised to find out how little their gas cost compared to how much they spent on their everyday essentials. I know I spend far too much on almond butter and yarn so it’s a good job gas isn’t too expensive as at the end of the day heating is an essential I didn’t even think of!

Post in association with British Gas

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