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Sunjellies, Sweet Potato And Easter Glasses #LittleLoves

by Jessica Amey


Again I don’t think I’ve read anything memorable enough to write down this week, which basically sounds better than saying I haven’t read anything 😉


I haven’t watched much this week either which is unusual for me. We did sit down to watch the last two episodes of Better Call Saul last night though although we both were falling asleep half way through the second so need to finish it tonight! The weather has been so lovely that we’ve been spending lots of time outdoors so the kids haven’t been watching any TV either, or spending any time of the iPad which I feel much better about. I love watching them play together in the garden, their little imaginations coming up with all kinds of games.


I wore my new spearmint coloured Sunjellies yesterday, I love their new range of ice-cream colours and find these shoes so comfortable. I lived in jelly sandals last summer.


We saw Django Unchained a while ago, it’s really good, and my dad made me a copy of the soundtrack which is great. The kids are always asking to listen to ‘Django’, I do have to skip through a few bits though due to swearing etc. This song is my favourite. We always play it really loudly and sing along when we are driving.


My healthy eating plan is still going well, one of my favourite meals this week was this Mexican quinoa by Damn Delicious with spicy sweet potato cakes. I made them by mashing sweet potato with a load of random spices, think I used turmeric, cumin, ground coriander, chilli powder and smoked paprika, then add a load of fresh coriander before topping with sunflower seeds and grilling until they are toasted. So yummy!

mexican quinoa with spicy sweet potato cakes

We also made these rather amusing looking Easter glasses. You can see the blog post about them over on Let’s Do Something Crafty.


And Lastly…

We went up to Bristol on Tuesday as The Lab had a little event running to let people know about their 15 in 2015 campaign. Bristol has been chosen as this year’s Europe green capital and they are asking people to sign up to make 15 eco-friendly changes to their lives this year such as not driving everywhere etc. You can sign up here.

15 in 15

I also have a new vlog over on my Youtube channel if anyone is interested 🙂



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