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Staying With Seaview Holiday Village

by Jessica Amey

Two weeks ago we were preparing for our trip down to Cornwall to stay with Seaview Holiday Village. I had been keeping an eye on the weather forecast all week and was so happy to see that it was going to be warm and sunny for our stay, good weather is such a rarity in the UK.

As part of our invitation to stay with Seaview we were challenged to take all our photos using our smart phone. This was a pretty new concept to me as my DSLR is usually my first port of call when on holiday or going out for the day. I have an iPhone 6+ and although I do use it a lot for taking photos of everyday life I don’t usually take any ‘proper’ photos with it but I really enjoyed using it as my main camera during our time in Cornwall. It’s so much lighter and easier not to mess around with settings, I’m not saying I will be swapping permanently as I love my big camera but it’s good to know that if I ever forget to take it then it doesn’t mean I won’t be able to take any photos.

The first place we headed to was Looe and it definitely has the wow factor as you are driving into it. You could easily be in a different country, the harbour is stunning and there are lots of alleys leading off from the main street which are great for exploring, and for keeping cool on hot days!





After spending a couple of hours in Looe it was time for us to go and check in to our caravan. Seaview Holiday Village is located between Looe and Polperro and as the name suggests, has a sea view. I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive about staying in a caravan during a heat wave as they can sometimes feel a bit cramped but we were so pleasantly surprised with it. We were in a luxury 2-bed and it was so spacious and roomy, definitely one of the nicest caravans I’ve ever stayed in. The main bedroom was huge with a large built-in wardrobe and en suite toilet and the kitchen area was a really good size with a large cupboard for storing food. It all felt so new and clean too. The only negative was not having a decking area but lots of them did have that option so obviously just make sure when booking if it’s something that’s important to you.

The park itself isn’t very big which I think is a good thing, there is a really great play area for kids, split into two sections for different ages. It’s right next to the bar and outdoor seating area so the adults can sit and enjoy a drink while the kids play. The pool is also situated in the main building with an indoor seating area overlooking it. We all managed to test out the pool which was nice and warm, something I always look for in a pool! They also have various activities running for kids throughout the week.

This was the view from our caravan window, such a beautiful sunset.

seaview holiday village sunset

Before the sun started setting we took a trip into Polperro as it was just down the road and WOW is all I can say, what an absolutely amazing place. It’s a historic fishing village and Mr C and I spent the entire time walking around gushing about how beautiful it was. I’ve never been anywhere like it before in the UK, it’s just perfect. I actually have a separate post coming up about Polperro as I fell in love with it so much but here are the photos I took on my phone…




We stumbled across this house when walking around all the winding alleys and how amazing is it?! It’s been completely covered in seashells, it must have taken so long.



As part of our stay we had free entry into some of Cornwall’s best attractions, you can see them all here, there is no end of places to visit. We also downloaded the App For Cornwall which has lots of information on places to go, eat and stay as well as money saving vouchers.

The first place we visited was The Eden Project, it was our first time and I didn’t realise how big it was there. You could easily spend an entire day walking around but we went on the hottest day of the year so far and as a result had two grumpy, moaning children so after a couple of hours we headed off to the next attraction on our list. The place is amazing though, standing up on the balcony and looking over it all is breath-taking.


We all loved this sculpture made out of old junk, apparently the amount that each of us will through away in a lifetime.



There are two biomes, a Mediterranean one and a rainforest one. Both are equally amazing but the visiting on the hottest day of the year thing did mean that we rushed around, the rainforest one was scorching! There restaurant in the Mediterranean one looked amazing though, reminded of me being in Greece. I would actually love to go back at some point, possibly without the children. There is lots there for kids to do but mine were more interested in ice-cream, that might have been down to the heat though!



After The Eden Project we headed over to The Lost Gardens of Helligan which were only about a 20 minute drive away. We had been to visit here the last time we were in Cornwall but it had been raining so we didn’t bother. Glad we had the chance to go back though as it’s an amazing place. When we walked in we had no idea how big it was, literally huge and you end up walking through lots of different areas, fields of animals, flowers and a bit area called the jungle which was my favourite part. A big wooden track leads you around a massive swamp area which does feel like you are in a different country.


It’s also home to the Milkmaid, a sculpture made out of mud. Apologies too as this photo wasn’t taken on my phone (it’s the only one that isn’t in this whole post!), it was really shaded under the trees and my phone photo just didn’t come out.



There is a really lovely restaurant there as well as a BBQ halfway round. They also had a big freezer full of vegan ice-cream as well as vegan options on the menu which was nice to see.

On our last day we went into Fowey which is another stunning little fishing town.



Then on our way home we stopped off at Crealy Adventure Park which was actually really good, haha note my surprise 😉 It wasn’t busy at all as the schools hadn’t broken up yet so there weren’t queues for any of the rides. Cherry absolutely loves the fast ones so Mr C took her on them, we all went on the log flume which Tiger hated as he doesn’t like getting wet. That’s about as hardcore as I can handle these days. There is also an outdoor splash area and indoor soft play. Mr C and I were actually talking while there and just saying how although it wouldn’t be our first choice of places to visit it has reached the stage where having happy children is what makes the day enjoyable and dragging them round places where they are bored means they just moan.

We had a great mini-break in Cornwall and I really enjoyed the challenge of using my phone to take my photos. Seaview have a downloadable sheet on their website with lots of tips and advice when using your phone to take photos. It’s put together by Elaine Taylor (@sunflowerof21 on Instagram) who I’ve just followed myself as her photos are fab. You can find it here. Then once you’ve taken some great snaps with your phone you can tag them with @SEAVIEWPIX for them to be shared on social media and be in with the chance of winning £500 towards your next Seaview holiday. More details can be found here.

And if you want to find out more about Seaview Holiday Village then you can do so here.

Thanks so much to Seaview Holiday Village for inviting us to stay.

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