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A New Way To Store Art With Children’s Art Galleries

by Jessica Amey

I’ve mentioned so many times how much I love children’s art, there is something so special about the way they put what’s in their head onto paper. A few of the projects on my craft blog have used children’s art in fun ways, these embroidered cork mats and draw my family stuffed toys. I like finding new ways to keep a record of the children’s drawings forever so when I was contacted by Children’s Art Galleries I was excited to try out their service.

For a minimal amount of money (£3 for one child a year, discounts for siblings) you can create your own online gallery to store all your kid’s art. I loved the idea because quite frequently when Cherry draws pictures she will like to keep hold of them and within a few hours they’ve been ripped or squashed. This means I can scan them into the computer and upload them somewhere so I have a safe copy before it gets destroyed. You can also view other children’s artwork, there is a search by age option to provide children with inspiration (you still own the rights to the pictures you upload).

The site is really user-friendly and uploading pictures is quick and easy. Tiger and Cherry both have their own profile.

children's art galleries profile


children's art galleries profile

To inspire the kids to get creative, Children’s Art Galleries send them a box with some prompts and materials.

children's art galleries

They were asked to create art around the theme of ‘how I feel today’, given that it was nearly snack time when we did the activity both the kids decided they were hungry. Cherry got stuck in and Tiger copied everything she did, as usual!

children's artwork

He then went on to create this masterpiece, this is me ‘doing a poo’. We were all in hysterics! Definitely one to keep forever!

children's art

I think the site is great and although I’m not usually an organised person I really like the idea of having all their artwork in one place. It also saves it by date so you will know in years to come how old your child was when they drew it. Cherry gets so excited when she sees all her artwork on the computer.

If you would like the idea as much as me then you can join up here.

Post written in collaboration with Children’s Art Galleries.

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