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Switching Off From My Phone Addiction

by Jessica Amey

We’ve just got back from a wonderful few days in Wales staying in a converted 1960’s bus. I can’t wait to share the full blog post with you as it was such an amazing place but one of the nicest things was not having any phone signal during our time there. It meant I could really switch off from my phone in a way that is so hard to do these days.

Mr C and I both use the internet and our phones for work, obviously it’s a huge part of mine as without it I wouldn’t be able to do what I do so when the option is there we obviously feel that pull to keep checking things like our emails. When we are doing activities at home I don’t check it nor when I am out or at the table but I do feel like it’s quite a big part of my life. I feel guilty sometimes but then it’s what allows me to earn money and be at home with the kids so it does benefit our lives too. It is hard to find a balance sometimes which is why having the choice taken away from you is sometimes the best way.

Knowing that you can’t pick up your phone and check it helps you to forgot about it, something which isn’t so easy when you can hear it beeping. I found it so relaxing and it really helped me to focus properly on other things. I loved sitting down and doing lots of crochet and was happy to read the same book repeatedly to the kids.


I even happily did the washing up!

I’ve definitely come home feeling like I want to keep some aspects of it going as it made me realise that I really don’t need to be checking the social media on my phone as much as I do. Emails are a bit different as they lead to earning money which is important for us as a family but checking Facebook really isn’t.

I’m not entirely sure what the solution is, I might start putting my phone on flight mode so if I do pick it up out of habit then I can’t actually see anything. Then once I’ve weaned myself off it hopefully I will stop picking it up to check it. Or more drastically I might delete the Facebook app from my phone meaning that I can only use it when I’m on my computer at work times although then I will probably never get any work done. It sounds crazy but it is like an addiction, a very modern day one!


My phone is like an extension of me and if I can’t find it for even a second then I completely freak out. I dropped it a couple of times recently and was lucky to have not smashed it (I probably would have cried!) so when Zazzle contacted me about creating a personalised product I thought I would try out one of their ‘tough extreme’ cases. It offers three layers of protection including a front cover so not only does it protect it if dropped but it also stops it from getting scratched. It does mean you have the black rubber rim around the outside but I’m fine with that as I know it’s protected. You can also upload your own photo, you might recognise this one as it’s the one I am using on social media at the moment. You can move the photo around and edit it before going ahead and ordering too.

And if you didn’t want the extreme protection case then they also sell lots of normal ones as well as a huge range of other personalised gifts.

Do you feel you check your phone too much?

How do you limit your time on it?

Post in association with Zazzle. 

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