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The Dream That We Would Need A Loan For

by Jessica Amey

It’s hard to imagine how life must have been before the days of finance and loans when you had to actually save up for things you wanted to buy, of course everything was cheaper back then so saving up was doable but it would have been very different to how we are used to doing things today, where as long as you have a good credit rating you are able to just walk in and buy a new car even if you only have a few pounds in the bank.

I personally can’t do those things because I don’t have a good credit rating due to getting into trouble with a credit card when I was a teenager, I’m still paying it off today and as a result I can’t even get a phone contract in my own name. I like to think I would be responsible enough to pay things back on time, and I always do when it’s something Mr C has taken out for me, but to be honest I think it’s probably a good thing that I can’t get anything on finance, just in-case 😉

Being able to loan money is a great thing though and longer term we do have a little dream that we would need to get a loan for, and that’s to buy a little piece of land. Mr C wants to convert a double decker bus into a house and I love the idea of living somewhere rural with nothing but green around us, where you can see animals grazing in the fields. The only slight downside in this country is the terrible weather so ideally we will do it somewhere where it is warm for most of the year.




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It’s funny because the older I get, the more I just want to escape everything and head off to live somewhere really remote where you need to collect firewood and go back to basics. I know I am overlooking how hard it would be but it’s a dream right?! In reality we would need a pretty good mixture of going back to basics but with all of today’s luxuries like Wi-Fi and heating but to own a piece of land and have a little smallholding is something we would love.

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