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New Year’s Resolution: Finish A Crochet Blanket

by Jessica Amey

I’m not really one for writing a big list of new year’s resolutions, especially unrealistic ones like never eating chocolate again, as I know I wouldn’t succeed and January is miserable enough without failing at something! I do like to think of some things I would like to achieve that year though. Last week I wrote about some new hobbies that I would like to focus on in 2016 so think is kind of following on from that but looking at one in particular, crochet blankets.

Since learning how to crochet a year ago I’ve start three different blankets but got bored of working on them and started a new project. However this year I’ve decided I want to finish them, or one at least 😉

I love how crochet blankets look when they are finished and although I am better with shorter projects I really want the challenge of finishing something big.

This was the first blanket I started work after learning how to make a granny square and I’ve made a reasonable amount of squares but still have a long way to go. I might have to introduce some new types of squares as I’m a bit bored of making the ones on the left.


Next up I started this brightly coloured African flower hexagon blanket which I love, the flowers look so pretty.


Finally, and the one I’ve worked the most on is this hexagon blanket. I’ve started using chunkier yarns since the other two which makes it a bit quicker. I can also whip up one of the hexagons in about 20 mins so progress is quite quick. I think this will be the one I finish first.


I’ve mentioned her before but her tutorials are so great and it’s how I learnt to crochet so if you wanted to give it a go then Bella Coco’s YouTube channel is a great place to learn. All of the patterns above are from watching her videos.

When it comes to other goals for the year it would be to try and sort out moving abroad for a while, we were initially looking at America, then Canada and now New Zealand has been added to the list. Basically anywhere Mr C can find some work will be where we go.

And lastly I would like to try and be a bit better with money, Mr C and I are both rubbish and just spend money when we have it and then eat beans on toast every night when we don’t, both being self-employed means that we don’t have always have a reliable income either so learning to be a bit sensible and even starting some savings accounts would be a good thing for us! TSB have got some great tips and advice here in their New Year Money Resolutions Guide. All of it is useful for us, especially the budgeting part.

Do you have any resolutions this year?

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