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Thinking About Sofas

by Jessica Amey

People who follow me on Instagram and Twitter might remember me posting about my sofas a couple of months ago.

We got them second hand when we moved into our house about three and a half years ago and I HATED them. They had the most disgusting burnt orange coloured covers on which had become so stained and filthy looking that I didn’t even want to sit on them.

I was always going on to Mr C about how much I hated them but he very sensibly kept telling me that we couldn’t afford to do anything about it at the moment.

I knew he was right so I stopped mentioning it until one day when I noticed there was a rip up the corner of the orange material and that underneath the material was cream. As he was at work (had he been here he would have stopped me!!) I decided to just go for it and rip them all off.

They look a million times better now but they still don’t have a lot more life in them as cream covers that can’t be taken off to be washed are not going to be very good in a house with two small children.

I’ve covered them in big throws for now so they will do until we can afford to invest in any more.

I’m already looking forward to choosing our new ones. I’m still not sure what colours we will go for. I love light colours but I think I would be too scared to let anyone sit on them if they were cream so I might need to think carefully. Willow and Hall have a large range of armchairs, sofa-beds and sofas and one of the things I love about them is that once you have chosen your sofa, you can then choose from over 70 material and leather options

Plus their sofas are hand-made in the West Country. Near me!

Dunsmore Angle Cush

If you are looking to buy any new sofas then you can view their range here.

Disclaimer: This post was in association with Willow and Hall.

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