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by Jessica Amey

I’ve become absolutely obsessed with making travel plans recently, I’m just so desperate for some adventure and given that we are now in May and it’s still freezing, some nice weather.

One thing we are desperate to do is a road trip down the west coast of America. Our dream is to actually move there, drifting cars is much bigger over there than it is in the UK and once Mr C has finished his latest car project he wants to try and find a job over there so fingers crossed!!

I have this urge to go and hide out in the wilderness at the moment, weird as I’m not really a wilderness kind of person. I just like the idea of living without technology for a while and the only way that would happen is for me to go and hide out in a forest or something, otherwise the addiction would lure me back in 😉

This is the dream right now…


I also want to pack up a campervan and go travelling around Europe. My weather app tells me that Spain is a reliable 30 degrees and sunny right now, does anyone else follow the weather forecast for other countries?! It helps spur me on to find a way to leave the UK permanently. I just can’t believe there is so much sun I am missing out on.


After all the camping and road tripping I would definitely be up for some more luxurious holidaying though.

I’m desperate to go Greek Island hopping, we spent every summer on a Greek Island when I was growing up and I really want to go back, especially to Mykonos. I love all the white buildings on the cobbled streets and I can still remember getting a boat to a beach with a taverna selling lots of yummy food, well my idea of yummy food back then was ice-cream but I’m sure now I would appreciate some other things on the menu.

The great thing about travelling with kids these days is that there are lots of companies who cater for families without sacrificing on style and comfort. There is so much you need to take with you when you holiday with kids that it can feel like a huge effort so to be able to arrive and find these things available makes life so much easier.

French Loaf offer boutique family holidays in a selection of stunning, rustic properties in France. They provide you with items such as bed guards, baby monitors, sterilisers and even food blenders and they don’t just think about the children. Balancing the needs of a the parents as well as the kids is the secret to an enjoyable holiday so with that in mind they also offer a ‘chef for the night’ service, massages, manicures and English-speaking babysitters. The properties look stunning and I’ve now added a holiday in France to my ever growing list.

Venice is somewhere else that I’m desperate to return, Mr C and I had a trip there the year before I fell pregnant with Cherry. It’s one of my favourite places although probably not the best place to go with Tiger at the age he is, he would either fall in the water or spend his time wanting to jump in thinking it was a paddling pool or ‘bat poo’ as he calls it. Definitely somewhere to visit again at some point though.

Then of course there is ski-ing, I haven’t been for years but I used to love it when I was growing up and I really want to see if I can still remember how to do it. I was going down the black slopes with my dad when I was about ten but that was such a long time ago now, I feel like I can remember how to do it though so I’m hoping it won’t take me that long to pick it back up.

Where would you like to travel this year?

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