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Making Super Hero Masks For Super Hero Day…

by Jessica Amey

Did you know today is National Super Hero Day?!

Last week I asked Cherry if she wanted to make some Super Hero masks and she wasn’t very keen on the idea at all.

‘But I don’t want to be Batman’ was her reply, I told her that she didn’t have to be Batman and that she could be any kind of Super Hero she wanted which of course meant she wanted to be a ‘pink princess’ Super Hero. We are still very much in the pink phase and if it’s not pink there is not much chance of her wearing / showing any interest in it.

The masks were really easy to make, I just cut the shape and eye holes out of some mirror card then let the kids glue feathers on them.

Finally we glued a wooden lolly stick onto the side of the mask and the kids put a scarf / some material over their shoulders to make a cape.

Super Hero disguise complete!





Barbie recently carried out a survey which revealed nearly 9 out of 10 girls wished there were more female Super Heroes.

The fact Cherry thought Batman was the only Super Hero kind of backs that up!

The latest Barbie movie ‘Barbie in Princess Power’ sees Kara being able to transform into Super Sparkle, her secret alter ego who flies around the kingdom ready to save the day.

I know it all sounds a bit pink and glittery, and it is, but when you have a child that is into that you kind of just have to roll with it!

We were recently sent the Barbie in Princess Power DVD and a range of toys from the movie to see what the kids thought and as expected they loved it. I say they because Tiger likes to copy everything Cherry does plus he loved the little doll, Chelsea, that came with a scooter. Anything with wheels is a hit with him!


The main doll, Kara, has a cape which pops open when you press a button on her body and the other doll, Corinne, has a button which makes her light up.




After watching the film Cherry spent the afternoon pretending to fly and jumping off the sofa with her magic powers so it’s opened her mind up to a whole new level of imaginary play, who knew a Barbie movie could do such a thing?! You can find out more about the movie and print off some colouring in sheets and activities here.

Do you have a a child who loves pink?

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