Eyelash Extensions: Before and After Photos

Eyelash Extensions: Before and After Photos

Warning: This post contains LOTS of selfies. I doubt Mr C will even be able to look any further as looking at people’s selfies makes him very uncomfortable, if he sees them on Facebook he has to point them out with a ‘eurgh’ kind of noise, but then he is camera phobic so I think it’s more of case of coming face to face with the scariest part of his phobia!

Anyway, I’m not a huge wearer of make-up but there are certain products that I’ve always worn and would never leave the house without, mascara being one of them. I have really light, pretty much invisible eyelashes as you will see in the photo below and I don’t think I will ever feel confident with how they look without make-up on them. In fact sharing these photos is really hard to do but it is essential to show you the before so here we go…

These were literally taken round the corner from the beauty salon, I realised I had to take a before photo and had to try and do it quickly while no-one was looking!

eyelash extensions before photos

eyelash extensions before

You can really see how invisible my natural eyelashes are and I’ve never been a huge fan of them.

So when I found out that you could have eyelash extensions I instantly knew it was something I would love to try, that however was about two years ago and as much as I wanted to have them done I never got around to booking an appointment so when Money Supermarket got in touch and offered to pay for me to tick something off my to do list I decided it was a good time to just go for it and I am SO glad I did!

Having them done was somewhat of a strange experience, they have to tape your bottom lashes down then you have to lie there for over two hours with your eyes shut , I actually fell asleep and apparently that’s normal. It’s hard not to fall asleep when you are forced to keep your eyes shut for so long.

By the end of the appointment I was started to get a bit fidgety and there were times when I had to fight the urge to just get up and pull the tape off my eyes but I focused on relaxing instead and I have to say that when she’d finished I honestly thought I’d only been laid down for about an hour when in actual fact it had been 2 hours and 20 minutes.

I could notice my new lashes in the mirror right on the other side of the room so I knew it had been worth it, they really do have the wow factor and when I looked at them in close up I couldn’t believe the difference!

Now for the after photos. I was going to get Mr C to take some on my proper camera but I’ve woken up with the eye infection that the kids have had so I will have to go with the back up and use the photos I took on my iPhone yesterday, luckily I did take some yesterday!

eyelash extensions

So she literally stuck one on every single lash and as they are black they create the look of mascara but way more noticable.

eyelash extensions after

Eyelash Extensions - after photos

I’m literally in love with them, it’s so nice to wake up in the morning or get out of the bath looking exactly the same!

If you just have them as a one off then you can expect the look to last for 6 weeks but despite what people say it is actually safe to have them in permanently. Each one falls out with the cycle of your natural lash which is around 3-4 weeks so if you want to keep them up then you have to go in for a touch-up appointment about once a month which I am of course going to be doing!!

Thank you to Money Supermarket, they know how so many things on people’s to do lists get overlooked. I for one only get around to doing the very important things and for a lot of people jobs like finding a credit card with a free balance transfer get left undone despite it being really important. If you need to transfer your credit card then you can find the best rates here.

  1. Carie

    5 December

    Wow that is a difference! Does it feel heavier or different at all wearing them or do you just get used to it very quickly?

  2. WOW!!! THey look amazing, I’m not surprised you’re in love with them!

  3. Polly

    5 December

    They look fabulous!! I want mine doing…. I always wear eye make up and looks so weird without it ha! these would be great

  4. Kerry

    5 December

    They look amazing! I think I want these for my wedding 🙂 x

  5. Gill Crawshaw

    5 December

    Wowser! You look fab. I have very pale eyelashes too so know what that’s like – I’d love these! x

  6. Lori

    5 December

    i LOVE them! i’m hopefully getting mine done next week so so good. you look amazing x

  7. Donna

    5 December

    Oh wow, what a treat and how amazing do you look! I would love some pampering, very jealous indeed! x

  8. Oh my goodness! I was really looking forward to this post to see how you got on with them. I’m so impressed with the result! You look fantastic! This is pretty much what I’m always trying and failing to achieve with mascara. Lying down for that length of time though…

  9. Jodie

    6 December

    Wow!! These are amazing and you look beautiful.

  10. Capture by Lucy

    6 December

    I swear by them! Haven’t had them in a while but I had them just before Ollie was born and I swear it made a difference to how I felt after he was born. Everyone says in the photos I look so well, all down to how the lashes and my darling boy made me feel! Beautiful Jess xxx

  11. laura redburn

    8 December

    woaaaaah they look awesome! (you’re a babe either way though!)

  12. Such a transformation. I’m considering something similar but with my eyebrows to give them a bit more shape and definition. We put these things off for so long when they can really make a difference to how we feel xx

  13. Vicky

    15 December

    Oooh, they look ace – I love how they’re long but still look natural enough for the daytime. I can’t be doing with mascara anymore – it takes too long to apply and usually ends up smudged anyway, so these would be ideal for me!

  14. Laura

    16 December

    Wow these look amazing and what a difference – I have never really thought of getting extensions but I love your results and would seriously consider getting it done now – love it

    Laura x

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