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Brio Wooden Toys Review

by Jessica Amey

I’ve grown up with Brio, I can still remember my brother playing with their train sets.

I’m a huge fan of wooden toys, they look so much nicer and although I’m not strict about not buying plastic toys, I do secretly wish I could get rid of them all in favour of their better looking alternative.

Brio recently sent us some toys for the kids to review. I know Brio best for their wooden train sets but they also sell a huge range of wooden toys like this pull along wooden horse for younger children as well as kitchens and construction toys.

Brio horse

They have a large collection of sets too, we were sent the Roller Coaster Set which is a lot of fun. It’s the first proper toy set the kids have had, I have avoided them until now as they haven’t been old enough to take care of them properly and the pieces all end up getting lost but we are making sure we put the bits back in the box when they aren’t playing with it.

I was actually really surprised at how well they sat playing with it too, so well that we are going to get them a lot more toy sets that they can play with together for Christmas.

Once built the roller coaster set has a little lift that you pull the car up with then it whizzes down the track to the bottom. It comes with two people and two cars which is a good thing as the kids can have one each, there is a little height chart next to the entrance which was a sweet little touch.

brio rollercoaster

brio toys 2

brio toys 3

Brio toys


I love the quality and look of Brio toys and the fact that even adults enjoy playing with them.

You can view their full range here.

We were sent these toys free of charge for the purpose of this review, all words are my own.

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