Felt Head Bands

Cherry is obsessed with glitter and anything that’s pink so this week we made some felt head bands. She decorated them with hearts and they are perfect for making as a Valentine’s Day craft.

I started by cutting a long strip of felt.

Then I cut a hole on either side and tied some wool onto it.

This gives you your headband and then you can decorate it in anyway you like.



We used hearts which I cut out of the felt.

Cherry glued them on then covered them in more glue and sprinkled glitter all over them. I think they would look much better without this added extra but it kept her happy and that’s all that matters!

She also decided she wanted to glue feathers on them.






These were so fun and easy to make.

It would make a good party or sleepover activity too.

You could also use dinosaur / car / animal felt cut outs for boys.

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