Little Man at Seven Months

I am always a bit late writing these posts so J is in actual fact nearer to eight months than seven and is all of a sudden looking really big.

We’ve had another fairly stressful month but we do have lots to show for it.

He now has two teeth.

He is crawling on carpet, hasn’t quite managed it on our laminate flooring yet as it’s slippy but he is super fast at army shuffling so uses that if he wants to get somewhere quickly. He is also sitting up.


I can remember Cherry getting really frustrated and crying all the time before she started crawling too so I think that and a mixture of teething / being ill is why he was sleeping so badly and crying all the time.

It was tough as there were quite a few weeks where I couldn’t put him down without him screaming, even giving him to Mr C didn’t help. He is still very much a mummy’s boy but he’s been a lot happier for me to put him down a little bit again, as long as he can still see me that is.

little man at seven months

Another big update is that he’s not in our bedroom anymore. He was getting so disturbed with me next to him and would cry until I picked him up every time he woke (which was a lot) so we just went for it and it’s worked out really well.

The first week was a bit stressful, I wrote about it here – Sharing Is Caring - but now we are a couple of weeks in things have settled and the last three nights he has been sleeping for eight hour stretches. He goes to bed at 6.30pm so he ends up in our bed by about 5am where I can get him back to sleep by feeding him, I find it really hard to get up and sit in his room doing it at that time, plus he doesn’t go back to sleep properly in his cot after that feed. I can remember Cherry doing the same actually, and I don’t mind at all because he is doing most of the night in his cot.

He has got a lot better with solids. I’m still mainly giving him blended food but if we are having pasta he usually has it too, he loves it. He also loves avocado.

Breastfeeding is still going well. He feeds a lot in the day but again the fact he is sleeping better at night means it doesn’t bother me at all. I love being able to sit down and have ten mins peace while he feeds and he still only naps on me or in the carrier so in the afternoon I am more than happy to stick him on the boob and get to sit down and rest for a couple of hours!

And he is desperate to walk! He loves me standing him up on his feet, I’m pretty sure it’s because he wants to copy Cherry. It’s crazy to think that she took her first steps at nine months, it’s only a matter of weeks until he is that age. He doesn’t seem as sold as she was though so I don’t think he will be doing it that soon but we shall see!



  1. Jenny says

    Love this. Milestones of the children are amazingly different which I love. Each one comes as a surprise then. You have two adorable kiddies. I have a boy and a girl too. Buba is 2 and Missy Moo is 5 months I often wonder cause she is a girl will she crawl sit up and walk before he did. Do you find them completely different??? Still attempting potty training with my son I envision his sister crawling right when he gets the hang of it n dumping his little potty over or sticking her hands in it. Eek looks like ur two are very loving together.

    • says

      Thank you! It is interesting wondering when they will do things, I’ve heard girls generally do things quicker than boys but I guess we shall see! It is nice having one of each, J is such a mummy’s boy which I absolutely love! Potty training is not going well here at all, Cherry was three a few weeks ago and is still completely attached to nappies, I feel like we missed the window of opportunity and now she will be in them forever! x

  2. says

    That last photo of them both is gorgeous Jess! Glad that the sleep situ is so much better :)

    Oh and i can’t believe cherry did her first steps at 9 months – wow! S is 9 months now and also very keen on cruising, he lets go from time to time but is still very wobbly x

  3. says

    He is gorgeous Jess. LL has had a bit of a funny old stage recently, and I do remember Mads going through it as well, where she just gets a bit fed up and frustrated that she can’t do the things she wants to do. We had a tough few weeks with that and them being a bit under the weather, but she seems to be coming out of it now. She does get a bit frustrated still though. I can’t believe how quickly they are growing up. x
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  4. says

    He does look like he’s had a sudden burst of growth, that hair is so cute and he’s really beautiful. He looks like a proper little boy (I mean a bit older than a baby boy…you know what I mean :)). I think I remember Z starting the whole separation anxiety thing at around 8 months so it could be a bit of that thrown in with the teething maybe.

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