Pasta With Pesto Please

Pasta With Pesto Please

I wrote a post a couple of years ago about how Cherry would only eat pasta with pesto and since then not an awful lot has changed.

When she asks what’s for tea and I tell her she will usually come out with ‘I don’t like that, I will have pasta with pesto please’ and we do usually end up cooking it for her.

We have tried other ways of doing things but we always end up going back to just letting her eat the thing she likes the most because I just don’t want to make dinner time a stressful time for everyone.

I find the more relaxed she is and the happier we are, the more likely she is to try new foods. If we get stressed then all she does is insist on eating even less.

So things are improving. She loves avocado, brown rice with basil tofu, fish, baked beans, is getting much better with vegetables and loves all fruit.


We also give her wholemeal pasta to make things as healthy as possible.

There is always room for improvement though which is why I’ve signed the Organix No Junk Pledge.

It’s so important for our children to be healthy, they are our next generation and the food being sold these days is worse than ever, with high levels of sugar, salt and fat.

Organix are trying to change that by starting a food revolution. They are calling for the government and food industry to do their part and put tougher controls on what is going into our children’s food.

The campaign starts next Monday and runs for a week during which time I will be cooking simple meals from scratch and involving Cherry in the process as well as cutting out any junk food.

Do you think more should be done to make kid’s food healthier?

If you want to sign the pledge and find out more then you can do so here.

Post in association with Organix.

  1. Polly

    23 April

    Pasta pesto is our go to when we’re in a hurry and need to eat quickly 😉 I cook from scratch every day, and put as little junk into the girls diets as I can. They know that junk food is just for once in a while and not every day

  2. fritha

    23 April

    Pasta is Wilf’s thing too and we worry about him not eating well, he eats LOTS of fruit but he will tend to stick to just carbs at meal times and basically has stopped eating any veg unless its whizzed up and put in a sauce! I’m so glad we are not the only ones, I think you are right about not making it a bit deal. The Organix pledge sounds great! x

  3. Globalmouse

    23 April

    I totally think more should be done. I almost feel like there shouldn’t be rubbish food sold for children but then treats now and then are nice, and important. But main courses should be so much better. We love pasta with pesto too…yum!!

  4. Cathy

    23 April

    We can totally relate to this, both my little ones love pasta and pesto I try and mix it up and add courgettes and peppers but they get left! I try and be relaxed and totally agree its not worth making meal times stressful.

    • Haha yeah we always try and add in little extras but they usually get left! x

  5. abigail

    23 April

    Theo is a pretty good eater (thankfully) but does have a bad obsession with pizza…probably because we do! But I guess it’s a good way to sneak in vegetables, and if we make the dough ourselves at least we can regulate what goes in it!

    But I totally agree, more needs to be done on a whole to regulate what goes in, its scary really not being in control of everything they eat!

  6. Lia

    23 April

    Apart from their weekly ‘crappy tea’ which is their treat (& isn’t actually all that crappy (local organic sausages, chips and low sug/low salt beans) – I cook it all from scratch and include them as often as possible. I’m a bit mean too, in that they get what they’re given, but they always eat more when they have helped out – they love it! Florence (7) can make a pico de gallo on her own from scratch perfectly, which she is so proud of!!

    • That’s amazing!! I really want to try and get the kids involved in cooking more, it’s a bit tricky at the moment as J is still too young and I’m lucky if I can even put him down long enough to cook pasta but it’s definitely on my list of things to work on over the next year x

  7. Fiona

    23 April

    This pledge sounds like a great idea, and perfectly timed just after Easter! E is usually quite good with food, she eats lots of fruit and veg, but definitely is partial to carbs. There is nothing worse than cooking a new meal only for it to be rejected, uch.

  8. jenny

    23 April

    I completely agree I am so scared to give my kids any store bought premade meals. I always try to make everything from scratch fresh and homemade. I was terrified to give my two baby food. Organix was one of the only brands I trusted. Good for them to take it to the gov level and try to do something about it. The food that’s in the stores that’s processed is horrible these days. It’s absolutely frightening. It will lead to worse things in the future for us all if we all continue to eat badly.

  9. Laura

    23 April

    I really like the sounds of this No Junk Pledge – I think it’s something we should all get behind, especially after Easter which I think has just become a huge excuse to buy and eat way too much chocolate. It’s great to hear she is enjoying more kinds of food 🙂

    Laura x

  10. I am terrible as my boys will eat everything but I am so lazy at the homemade meals thing! I really should try harder

  11. Donna

    24 April

    We use wholewheat pasta too, wholewheat everything actually and pasta is our fallback meal if they won’t eat anything else so I can understand why Cherry loves it 🙂 x

  12. Notmyyearoff

    25 April

    Z is so fussy but will eat pasta and pizza every day if I let him. I love the idea of more cooking and healthier meals, its actually scary not knowing whats in precooked stuff isn’t it?

  13. You sound just like me with my fussy eater, I often give him what I know he will eat because it makes for an easier mealtime, he eats every fruit under the sun, sandwiches and sausages, I would love for him to eat pasta and pesto! I’ve vowed to start pushing him more once the babies are older and I have more time to spend with him at mealtimes. I think it’s great you are taking the pledge, good luck! xx

  14. Carie

    29 April

    Well pasta shapes and cheese is still one of my ultimate comfort foods so I think she’s got great taste! We try not to make too much of a fuss about what Kitty is or isn’t eating (Elma eats everything) and just trust that if we’re putting good food on the table she should eventually get a decent balance of everything – but it’s hard work to trust sometimes!

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