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5 Incredible Historical Destinations

by Jessica Amey

Regardless of how much a person has traveled or not, there are some places in the world that simply cannot be missed out. Blessed by history, these destinations have stood the test of time and serve as brilliant doorways to the past for people to observe. Here are five of the most incredible historical destinations.

Rome, Italy
Rome has earned it’s status as one of the greatest cities in Europe, and it couldn’t be more deserving. Without question, with there being so many momentous tourist spots like – the grand Colosseum, the Baroque basilicas, the respected Sistine Chapel and it’s ceilings and of course the mausoleums which date back to ancient Rome. Be it Michelangelo or Da Vinci, Rome is blessed with an abundance of remnants from the Roman Empire and the Renaissance. The city is particularly enchanting to visit during Christmas as the locals across the city prepare to celebrate the festival in a grand and
traditional manner.

Istanbul, Turkey
The metropolis where Asia congregates with Europe, Istanbul offers great examples of old and contemporary architecture. The metropolis has a recorded history of over 2500 years, with remnants from it’s fascinating past ingrained into every street corner. One such must visit historical site is the Hagia Sophia which was initially constructed as a Greek Orthodox Christian Cathedral, later rebuilt as an Ottoman regal mosque and is now one of the best museums in the world. The Topkapi Palace, the enchanting Blue Mosque and the Dolmabahçe Palace are some other must-visit attractions for history

Havana, Cuba
If you go on holiday to Cuba you’ll discover a brilliant mixture of indigenous culture and Victorian- rule initiated structural design. The capital city of Havana boasts of amazing Spanish colonial architecture dating back to the 16th-century. Old Havana has the amazing Castillo de la Real Fuerza, a castle and nautical museum. The National Capitol Building is another historic landmark dating back to an early 20th century that is a must visit. Some other historical attractions of Old Havana include the baroque Cathedral de San Cristóbal, the Havana Cathedral, and Plaza Vieja. The capital’s vivacious
architectural blend is just as fascinating as the local culture. If you want your holiday to be a blend of history and relaxation, then Cuba is the perfect spot for a beach break combined with fascinating historical buildings.

Prague, Czech Republic
If you want to experience the beauty of 18th-century structural design and the architectural precision of the preparation procedures of that time, Prague is the city to be in. With it’s wide-ranging mishmash of remarkable architecture and history, Prague seizes the exact spirit of Central Europe. It is dubbed “The City of the thousand Spires” for it’s splendidly well-preserved historic shrines.

London, England
London is unique because despite being a 21st-century metropolitan, it still maintains it’s historical roots which date back to Roman times. Be it the grand Houses of Parliament, the clock tower of Big Ben or the Westminster Abbey – British Empire remnants are spread across the capital. Going on a tour of London will allow you visit all the of most interesting places, whilst hearing all about the fascinating history of these iconic landmarks. Some other historical must-visits include the Apsley House, the Eltham Palace, Banqueting House, Hampton Court Palace, Benjamin Franklin House, and the Kensington Palace. Check out my guide to the best things to do with kids in London.

These cities are like books, full of fascinating information and glimpses of the past. They should be on everyone’s travel list!

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