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9 Christmas Decorations that You Can Craft on Your Own

by Jessica Amey

The mercury is dipping lower with every passing day, signalling that the festive season is fast approaching. As with every year, it is time to decorate your home, and here are nine ideas for those decorations that you can try crafting all on your own.

The Bow Wreath
The bow wreath is first on our list because the brightly coloured bows look absolutely gorgeous, it costs next to nothing, and the whole process is as easy as it can possibly be. Just glue bows onto a Styrofoam wreath in a nice, even pattern and you are done! Red, green and white are the primary colours of choice for Christmas, but feel free to improvise.

The Kitchen Wreath
The second and the last wreath on the list will require the following bits to be completed:
– A plain wreath
– Red gingham ribbon
– Silver tea balls
– Christmas cards
– Red raffia
– Cinnamon sticks
– Bells

Feel free to improvise and glue a few unique touches of your own in the spirit of Christmas, but the wreath should preferably have at least two bows.

Make the Pillows Look Like Presents
There is just something about seeing a red or green box tied with a bow that instantly reminds us of Christmas, so it is an easy and awesome idea to make your throw pillows look like gifts. Put red or green covers on them and tie the pillows up with festive ribbon, just as you would tie a Christmas present. Put a bow in the middle and your pillows have just been turned into gift boxes.

Get Some New Furniture In
Christmas is usually that time of the year when most of us have guests at home, so it makes sense to get that new dining table that you wanted for a while now, before the big family dinner. Or maybe, just add in extra few chairs to your existing table to accommodate the extra guests. If you have the budget for a small Christmas redecoration, see Fishpools for a whole range of ideas on how you can get your home Christmas ready, as well as the various furnishings that you will need to make the ideas work in your home.

Put Paper Angels on the Dining Table
As angels are very much a part of the Christmas celebrations, paper angel statues on the dining table add more dimension to your decorations. All you will need is some paper plates, a pair of scissors, a pencil and a bit of glue. Check out the exact directions to making them here.

Floating Candle Jars
In order to make floating candle decorations for Christmas, just go through the following easy steps:
– Take a few clear jars or vases and fill them up with water
– Add a bit of red and green food colour to them
– Light the floating candles and add one to each of the jars or vases

Place them on the dining table, outside the main door and on the window sills for best effect.

Giant Christmas Lights
With the help of a few large plastic balls in red, orange, blue, green and yellow, anyone can make their patio and garden look quite amazing. You will need big plastic balls, deli containers, coat hangers, glue, a knife, pliers and garden hooks to make these and you can check out the exact directions here. It is even possible to put in bulbs inside so that they look even more amazing after sunset, but that will take some electrical wiring work for sure.

Origami Works for Christmas Too
If you know how to do it, paper can be folded into flowers, birds, angels, stars, elves and just about anything else that you may need for your Christmas decorations. Watch a few YouTube videos to learn the specific folds and you are set. Use coloured papers that go with the theme of the season to make these and hang them on the Christmas tree, the walls and even from the ceiling if you can.

Ice Lanterns Go in Flawlessly with the Christmas Theme
It is time to involve ice into your Christmas decorations as it is very much a part of the festive season too, like it or not! Get a big plastic container and put a small plastic cup inside it. Set it down and fill both containers before putting them in the freezer. Take it out after a few hours and add a tea candle to it.

Place two of these outside the door or hang them if you wish. Do keep in mind that this works only when it’s already cold enough to sustain the ice outside of the freezer.

To use Christmas as an event to learn new things about decorating, keep trying new projects every year. In addition to helping you learn, the changing decorations will always be something that your guests will
look forward to eagerly each year during Christmas.

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