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Thinking About Getting A Pet

by Jessica Amey

I didn’t have any pets when I was growing up and to be perfectly honest I didn’t like the idea of having animals anywhere near me until fairly recently, I think it’s connected to all the documentaries I watched about how animals are mis-treated so badly in out meat and dairy industries. I just feel like I want to help them and experience the bond that pet owners have with their animals.

The hard part is deciding what kind of pet to go for though, dogs are completely out as they are too much work, I don’t want to pick up their poo and I find them too needy. Cats are also out as from what I’ve heard you need to fork out hundreds in medical bills when they get ill and it appears that they spend very little time at home, I guess they are the opposite of dogs in that they are too independent.

Plus I think as I’ve never lived with animals before I would be better off with pets that lived outside, I’m not a huge clean freak but the idea of hairs, fleas, dead animals, poo, wee and anything else being left all over my home makes me shudder.

So I was thinking about rabbits but I posted about it on Facebook yesterday and quite a few people suggested guinea pigs instead so we are going to look into getting some. Ideally I would love a mini pig but you need a really big outdoor space to keep them in and we don’t have one. One day though I would love to live somewhere where we could have some farm animals.

One of the reasons I think it would be good to get some pets is because the kids would love it so much, at the moment our neighbours cat pretty much lives in our garden and they adore it. Both of them scream with excitement and go running outside when they see it, luckily he is very tolerant of them playing with him. He comes from a family with two young children so I guess he is used to it. We were saying how great it is because we get all the benefits of having a cat without any of the responsibility that goes with it!



And on the subject of pets, we’ve been at the cinema a few times when the trailer for The Secret Life of Pets © 2016 Universal Studios (All Rights Reserved) has been shown and every time the kids found it hilarious and have asked to go and see it. We still haven’t been but PetPlan, who have teamed up with them for the release of the movie, sent us a little pack for the kids to draw their favourite character after watching the trailer.


Obviously when you do decide to get a pet finding the right insurance is really important. Petplan’s pet insurance is a great option.

The Secret Life of Pets is about what animals get up to when their owners are out all day. I have to admit that after watching the trailer Tiger found the pack of biscuits in the activity pack and ran off downstairs with them but Cherry absolutely loves the chance to draw and she knew which character was her favourite already, Gidget the white, fluffy cat.





The Secret Life of Pets is out at cinemas now and after doing this activity Cherry and Tiger are now really excited about going to see it so we said we would take them, it’s quite nice now they are both old enough to sit and watch a film. We have so much rainy weather in this country and going to the cinema is a perfect activity for wet days.

Thanks to PetPlan for sponsoring this post.

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