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How Long Do You Spend On The Phone To Your Mum?

by Jessica Amey

Apparently the average woman will spend the equivalent of two months of her life chatting on the phone – to her mum, a study by Sainsburys Mobile revealed yesterday.

I have to say, for me, this is not the case as I don’t get on with my mum so we never speak on the phone but I do speak on the phone to my dad a lot. We tend to go a couple of weeks without speaking then have a really long phone conversation, the last one went on for nearly 1.5 hrs!

Other than that though I rarely talk to anyone on the phone preferring the social media / text type methods of staying in touch instead!

This infographic shares the rest of the findings from their study.

How much can you relate to?

mothers day infographic

Post in association with Sainsbury’s Mobile.

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