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Scooting Around

by Jessica Amey

At the end of last Summer we took Cherry out to try and teach her how to ride a bike, it wasn’t the easiest of tasks though and after a few attempts of us shouting ‘FORWARDS NOT BACKWARDS’ we ended up packing it away for the Winter.

Luckily she picked up fairly quickly when we got it back out a few weeks ago, I think due to her being just that bit older.

The same thing also happened when we took her out on her new scooter last week, we didn’t even have to tell her what to do, she just seemed to know.

The Y-Glider Deluxe is a scooter made by Yvolution and we are so impressed with it.

I let Mr C unpack and sort out anything that has wheels as it’s his area of expertise and he commented on how well it was made, he was really surprised when I told him they retail for just £39.99.

The lightweight handle bar is made from aluminium and clips on and off really easily so you can take it out in the car with you.


They are designed with a unique steering mechanism which helps the user to learn how to steer correctly.

The “Lean to Steer” method is more natural and developmentally in line with the motor skills of young children.

y glider scooter review


They come in pink, blue and green (Cherry is still pink obsessed so obviously went for that one right away!).

Yvolution also sell balance bikes, baby walkers, self-propelling scooters, pogo sticks as well as a range of scooters for all ages.

If you’re looking for an innovative, well designed and well built set of wheels for your kids then I really would recommend this company. They also have lots of videos on their website for you to see how their products work.



We were sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review.

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