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Old Before My Time

by Jessica Amey

I was on sitting on the sofa a couple of weeks ago wearing a knitted cardigan, with a blanket over me whilst doing some crocheting and Mr C looked across at me and laughed before telling me I looked like such a granny. He actually couldn’t have given me a better compliment if he’d tried.

I love that I am old before my time in so many ways and in fact when it comes to the perfect evening I definitely have more in common with 80 year olds over people my own age.

Whilst a lot of mums dream of the days they could go out with their friends and have a few drinks, all I want to do is choose a new colour combination from my yarn collection and crochet blankets.

There are quite a few other things I have in common with the older generation too. I’m always cold, there has only been about one day so far this year that I felt warm enough to take my coat off and it’s nearly July! I also get chilblains, something which I honestly thought I was too young to get when I first found out what it was. Your skin basically goes bright red and itchy when it gets cold, it’s horrible and I had it one day last week so I might need to get some gloves for wearing down to the beach!

I love floral curtains, I found the best pair at a vintage market a few weeks ago and they are now hanging up in our living room. Luckily Mr C doesn’t mind me filling the house with floral patterns and crochet, if he did then we would have a problem!

I love granny clothing, I’ve said this before but I quite frequently see old ladies skirts and wish they were mine. Shopping charity shops is one of my favourite things to do.

Nothing excites me more than finding a shop with a big yarn collection, I would rather shop for yarn over any kind of clothing.

There are a few things that connect me more to the youth of today though, firstly is the fact I have half my head shaved. Second is the things I choose to watch on telly, I’m addicted to Gossip Girl at the moment which is getting a bit better as they aren’t in school anymore but during the first season when they were I felt like I was a bit too old to be watching it!

And thirdly is the way I talk, not only do I sound like I’m really young but I use words like ‘cool’ and ‘guys’ a lot. This fun quiz by SunLife gives you a language age after you answer some questions about the words you use. Mine was 20!

Oh I do also get asked for ID when I buy alcohol, something which now I take as a very good thing and I enjoy taking it out and telling them that I’m nearly 32. I think I will actually be quite sad when I stop getting asked for it.

So although I’m old before my time in many ways, in others I’m still down with the kids, or not 😉

Would you say you have more in common with the older or younger generation?!


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