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Gousto Box Review – Perfect For Busy People!

by Jessica Amey

A couple of weeks ago Mr C and I were having our usual discussion about what to cook for dinner.


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I was saying the same thing I always do about how I would love to pay someone to come in and cook for us every day (not something we can afford!) and Mr C was a bit more reasonable and said he would be happy for someone to just plan our meals and buy the ingredients for us.

Then as if by magic a few days later I discovered a company called Gousto who basically do just that.

They allow you to choose three out of ten meals and then send you the ingredients and the recipe meaning all you have to do is cook the meal.

The first thing that really stood out to me about Gousto is that they are passionate about using good quality ingredients, they send out organic fruit and vegetables and meat from farms that uphold the highest standards of animal welfare. This is important to me as these are the products I buy myself.

Gousto sent us a box to try which contained the ingredients for lime chicken, beef stroganoff and autumn sausage bake.

This was the lime chicken, you will have to excuse the rubbish photo. Mr C had shoved it all on the plate and it was dark / I was hungry so all I wanted to do was eat but it was basically chicken with rice, sweet potato and a coriander and lime dressing. It was really tasty and my favourite meal out of the three.

gousto box

The second meal of beef stroganoff was my least favourite, in fact I didn’t like it at all and couldn’t eat it. It was made with minced beef instead of pieces and I’m a bit funny about mince. I buy the really lean stuff normally as I hate the chewy bits. But this is why it’s fab you can pick your own meals, obviously had I been choosing I would have avoided mince beef!

The autumn sausage bake was yummy, we make something similar quite a lot but this had an apple sauce with it which went really well.

You can choose Gousto boxes for two people priced at £34.99 or four people priced at £49.99 but you also get a £15 discount the first time you order so it might be worth trying it out at the cheaper price just to see what you think. You can find out all about the boxes here.

You obviously get to keep the recipe cards so it’s a good way of finding some new meal inspiration. The meals we tried were all really simple to make and some of the choices at the moment look really good. There is a meal with halloumi and they cook with tofu a lot which I like as I love it but never really know what to do with it. They offer a really great range of meals so I’m pretty sure there will always be three meals people will like to try.

I think whether or not you could justify the spend depends on how you do things in your house at the moment. For those people who are mega organised and enjoy cooking this probably isn’t something that would be of interest but for others who end up ordering takeways or popping into the supermarket daily and chucking lots of things they don’t need in the basket (something I do a lot) this would work out cheaper. They are also great for busy weekends when you don’t have time to go shopping.

It was so nice to not have to think about what to cook for three days!

I’m definitely going to be ordering another box with Gousto,

Do you get stressed worrying about what to cook for dinner or do you enjoy it?

We were sent a box for the purpose of this review, all words are my own.

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