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Indoor Play Tents For Kids: A Canvas And Willow Wigwam Review

by Jessica Amey

Play tents for kids can really help make winter more bearable.

When the weather is grey and rainy the last thing we want to do is go outside, and this winter has had a lot of days like that. As long as it’s not too wet the kids do still go out and play in the garden for a while, they are obsessed with making mud pies but it’s only been the last week or so we’ve seen enough dry weather for them to do that. We are always going in and out of the house to various home education groups and meet ups but there is usually at least one day of the week where we spend most of it indoors and generally those days are fine, the kids are really good at playing together and keeping themselves entertained when we aren’t doing set activities but we do have the odd day where they get bored or bicker a lot, usually around the full moon. There was one a couple of days ago and they weren’t themselves all of last week, it’s crazy how much it affects them!

Luckily on one of those days something exciting turned up in the post for us to try out for a little while, a gorgeous handmade cowboy wigwam play tent from a small Devon based company called Canvas and Willow.

As well as wigwams they also make playhouse tents, folding tents, table top tents and hanging tents. All in different themes so you are guaranteed to find one that your children will love, a lot of the play houses come in different sizes too making them perfect for larger families.

There are choices for a whole range of budgets, the cheapest being one of the table top tents which are great as they turn your kitchen table into a play den. Then at the top end of the budget there is the pavilion play tent which is so pretty. I think the favourites in our house would be the garage tent which would be a huge hit due to Tiger’s obsession with cars and the princess play house tent because Cherry loves anything typically girly.

We all love the wigwam though, the colours on it are fab and it is such a good size, a lot bigger than I imagined! It was easy to put together, I only needed Mr C to help stretch the fabric so I could join the Velcro tabs together.


canvas and willow play tent wigwam

play tent wigwam canvas and willow

play tents for kids

The kids had lots of fun playing, and pretending to sleep in it.

And as well as all the play tents you can also choose from a range of accessories to go with them. There is a super cool wigwam floor quilt to go with this one and other themed mats for the rest of the tents. They also have aprons, bunting, hanging organisers, bean bags, cushions, toy bags and storage boxes so basically everything you need to aid your child’s imagination and make it the best place space ever!

Thank you so much to Canvas and Willow for working with us on this post and loaning us the wigwam to try out, if you want to see their full range or read more then you can head over to their website by clicking on one of the links in this post.

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