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Christmas Traditions As The Festive Period Arrives

by Jessica Amey

I am feeling so festive this year, we visited two garden centre Christmas displays last week and the kids have already written their letters to Santa. I think you have to embrace it really as it makes the miserable, dark nights and cold days a bit more bearable. We might have already watched Home Alone a fair few times too 😉

The kids are at a really good age now to get excited about Christmas, they still believe in Father Christmas too, although Cherry has started asking me if he’s real. I always feel a bit weird lying so I just ask her is she believes he’s real and she says she thinks he is so I go along with it.

For me the most enjoyable part of Christmas is the build up to it, I love it far more than the day itself. I love visiting Christmas markets and watching festive movies by the fire and eating lots of yummy food. We also have quite a few traditions now which the kids really look forward to, some we’ve been doing for years and others have only started more recently or some might even become new for this year.

Making reindeer food has become something we do every year, this started when Cherry was quite young and now the kids love making it to leave for the reindeers.

We’ve also been visiting the Longleat Festival of Light for the last three years so that’s become a bit of a tradition for us. It’s so amazing there when it gets dark.

We also like to make some Christmas decorations each year, sometimes with salt dough or fabric, or even old toy cars!


We also like to make our own gifts, these DIY tea bags were really fun to make!

Last year was our first vegan Christmas and I’m really looking forward to planning our vegan Christmas dinner again, there are so many more vegan chocolates and treats around now too. There is even dairy-free Baileys which I’m definitely going to be ordering!


Last year I crocheted a present for the kids, I’d like to say this will become a tradition but our house is full of so much crochet already that I’m not sure there is room for any more!


Snuggling up in the warm to crochet is just the best thing though, something which makes it even better is cosy pyjamas. I literally live in my pyjamas when I’m at home, I put them on as soon as I get in the door no matter what time it is! These are my newest pair, and definitely my nicest, I chose them from Marks and Spencers and they are so soft and comfortable. I am definitely going to wear them on Christmas Eve.

If you love wearing comfy pyjamas on Christmas Eve then do check out the #My Marks Marks and Spencers range, you can find pyjamas for all the family, even the dads, although I’m yet to see Matt in a pair of pyjamas! Maybe I will buy him a pair this year 😉

Post in collaboration with Marks and Spencers.

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